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Ground Zero was the first Mega Event of WWE 2k14 Uni-Fed AWA. Ground Zero marks the first ever PPV since AWA's inception. Live from Los Angeles, CA in the Staples Center.


# Result Stipulation
1 Sub-Zero def. Deadpool (c) and Kid Muscle Triple Threat match for the Premier Championship
2 Shang Tsung def. The Hulk Singles match
3 Terry Bogard (c) def. Sagat No Holds Barred match for the AWA Championship
4 Lili Rochefort (c) def. Anna Williams Singles match for the AWA Vixen's Championship
5 Leona Hardern (c) def. Ms. Marvel Last Vixen Standing match for the AWA Glamour Championship
6 The All Americans (Guile/Captain America) def. The New Nightmares (Freddy Krueger/Scarecrow) (c) by DQ Tag Team match for the Next Gen Tag Team Championships
7 Mr. Clean def. Spawn (c) Extreme Rules match for the Next Gen Championship

Miscellanious Facts[]

  • 2. Ganondorf came out and distracted The Hulk
  • 6. Scarecrow attacked Captain America with a steel chair (New Nightmares retain)
  • 7. Eric Draven interfered and hit Spawn with a Draven Effect on a chair