CCW Is an E-fed run by Nick Gemini On The SCAW Forums now on The E-fed forum.

CCW Doomsday[edit | edit source]

Singles Match for the CCW Women's Championship Mileena defeated Christie Monteiro
Singles Match Marshall Law w/ Paul Phoenix defeated Happy Gilmore
Buried Alive Match Hellboy defeated Billy Madison
Hell in a Cell Match for the CCW Championship Kurtis Stryker defeated Sheriff Woody

CCW Black In Black 'N Blue[edit | edit source]

Singles Match Paul Phoenix w/ Marshall Law defeated Hellboy
Singles Match Michael Jordan defeated Buzz Lightyear
Singles Match for the CCW Women's Championship Christie Monteiro defeated Mileena
Grudge Match Eddie Gordo defeated Sheriff Woody
First Blood Match for the CCW World Championship Wolverine defeated Kurtis Stryker
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