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CMC is the RWA's version of FCW but instead men and fight for their contracts.

Male roster

Name Finisher
Ralf Jones Ikari Way (Double Foot Stomp from the Top Rope)
Yoshimitsu Rare Naked Choke
Moon Knight Moon Knight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker)
Crossfire The Crossfire (Reverse Crossroads)
Monarch (eliminated) Butterfly Effect (Double Arm DDT)
Nick Fury S.H.I.E.L.D. Super High Intense Elevated Leg Drop (Kenny Dykstra Leg Drop)
Phoenix Wright OBJECTION! (Big Boot)
John Tanner (eliminated) Driver (Package Piledriver)
Augustus Cole Cole Train (Running Corner Splash with Theatrics followed up by a Big Boot or a Spinning Larait)
Cody Jail Break (Masterlock)

Women's roster

Spider Woman (eliminated) Inverted Spidey sense (STO)
Skarlet Blood Rush (Stalling Brainbuster)
Asuka Kazama Kazama Bomb (Tiger Bomb)
Sarah Conner Sky High Net (Sitout Two Handed Choke Bomb)
Jill Valentine Back Drop Neckbreaker
Videl Roundhouse Kick