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Cyber Wrestling Alliance or CWA is an e-fed airing on the SCAW ForumZone and is written by user #BROKEN Jamo, who previously wrote a number of e-Feds. This will be Jamo's first e-fed since 2017. CWA officially began in Mid-2020.

Shows and Format[]

CWA is an e-fed that is posted in results format. CWA's flagship broadcast is entitled Breakdown.


Male Superstars[]

Name Finsher(s) Accomplishments Notes

Blunt Bottom

The Joint

1x CWA World Tag Team Champion (w/ Chronic) First CWA World Tag Team Champion (w/ Chronic)
Carl Johnson San Andreas Fault

Angel's Wings Enochian Torture


Chronic Cutter


1x CWA World Tag Team Champion (w/ Bluntman) First CWA World Tag Team Champion (w/ Bluntman)


Merc's Revenge

Deckard Shaw Rolling Elbow Smash
Dean Winchester

Impala Driver '67


Eric Draven

Draven Effect

30 Hours of Pain

Inactive; Yet to Debut
Freddy Krueger

Dreamscape Driver

Iron Claw

Garth Algar Party Time

Taunting Call

Final Stab

Isador "Machete" Cortez Decapitation
James Bond

Secret Agent Slam

Shaken Not Stirred

Jason Voorhees Crystal Lake Slam
Katsuo Bitoru Thorax DDT

Mark Out

Leatherface Slice 'N' Dice
Lucius Malfoy

Dark Mark


Luke Hobbs Hobbs Special
Mark Maverick 917

Marvelous Maneuver

Michael Myers 10/31
Mike Cross Fade to Black

Cross Lock

1x CWA Heavyweight Championship First CWA Heavyweight Champion
Nathan Walker Money Maker Breaker

The Red Carpet Rollout

Randy "The Ram" Robinson

Ram Jam

Ram Rider

Inactive; Yet to Debut

Dark One Driver

Magical Deal

Inactive; Yet to Debut
Sam Winchester

Devil's Trap

Pentagram Punishment

Sean "Sweet" Johnson

Grove Grip


Severus Snape


Potion's Mishap

Shang Tsung

Soul Splitter

1x CWA Breakthrough Champion First CWA Breakthrough Champion
Shrek Swamp Drop

Kingdom Keylock


The Angry Video Game Nerd


Power of the Punch

Wayne Campbell Excellent DDT

Female Superstars[]

Name Finisher(s) Accomplishments Notes

Flow Motion

Spell Weaver

Bellatrix Lestrange

Azkaban Breakout

Sick 'N' Twisted

Black Widow Widow's Peak
Cassie Cage

Cage Kick

Snap Shot

Elise Angel Bow 2 Me
Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds
Harley Quinn

Arkham Lockdown

No Laughing Matter

Jenna Haze Haze Daze
Kacie Klassics

Great Gospel

Klassic Kombo


Blunt Force Trauma

Brain Damage

Lili Rochefort Platnium Grace
Payne Payne Maker

No Payne No Gain

Princess Jasmine

Magic Carpet Ride

Agrabahn Face Buster

Former Ring Announcer

Ruby Roundhouse

Roundhouse Kick

Ruby Rider

Sheila Martin

Bronx Boot

Bronx Lock

Sidney Prescott

Final Girl Circuit

Final Scream

1x CWA Diamond Champion First CWA Diamond Champion
Sykotik Syko Punisher

Mental Distortion

Tori Black

Cream Dream

Pretty Filthy

Tag Teams/Stables[]

Name Members Accomplishments Notes
Bluntman and Chronic



1x CWA World Tag Team Champions First CWA World Tag Team Champions
Craven Creation

Freddy Krueger


The Death Eaters

Bellatrix Lestrange

Lucius Malfoy

Severus Snape

Grove Street Families

Carl Johnson

Sean Johnson

Hobbs and Shaw

Deckard Shaw

Luke Hobbs

The Loony Bin



Wayne's World

Garth Algar Wayne Campbell

The Winchesters

Dean Winchester

Sam Winchester

On-Air Talent[]

Name Role
Bobby Singer Manager of The Winchesters and Castiel
Brian Zane Manager of Mark Maverick
Judge Claude Frollo Director of Wrestling Operations
Kendl Johnson Valet of Grove Street Families
Noah Bennet Assistant to Judge Claude Frollo
Sebastian the Butler Manager of Lili Rochefort
Skye Valet of Nathan Walker
Sue Sylvester Managing Supervisor of the Women's Division

Broadcast Team[]

Name Role
Caroline Channing Backstage Correspondant
Elwood Blue Commentator
Jake Blue


Mrs. Agnes Brown Backstage Correspondant
Ted (from Ted and Ted 2) Ring Announcer

Current Champions and Accomplishments[]


Championship Name Current Champion Event Won Previous Champion Notes
CWA Heavyweight Championship Mike Cross CWA: Gold Rush First Won in a 12-Man Gauntlet for the Gold
CWA Breakthrough Championship Shang Tsung CWA: Gold Rush First Won in a 6-Man Ladder match
CWA World Tag Team Championships Bluntman and Chronic CWA: Gold Rush First Won in a Tag Team Turmoil match
CWA Diamond Championship Sidney Prescott CWA: Gold Rush First Won in a 10-Woman Over-the -Top Battle Royal


Accomplishment Winner Event Previous Winner

Mega Events[]

Name Main Event Theme Song
CWA: Gold Rush 12 Man Gauntlet for the Gold to determine the first ever CWA Heavyweight Champion "Night of Gold" by CFO$
CWA: Revolution Mike Cross (c) vs. TBA for the CWA Heavyweight Championship "Revolution" by Pennywise