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CWA: Revolution is the upcoming second mega event for e-Fed, CWA .


"Revolution" by Pennywise

The official theme for CWA: Revolution

CWA: Revolution


CWA: Cyber Wrestling Alliance



Theme Song:

"Revolution" by Pennywise

Previous Event:

CWA: Gold Rush

Next Event:


The Card[]

Triple Threat Tag Team match for the CWA World Tag Team Championships:

Bluntman and Chronic (c) vs. The Winchesters [Sam and Dean Winchester w/ Bobby Singer] vs. Craven Creation [Freddy Krueger and Ghostface]

Singles match for the CWA Diamond Championship:

Sidney Prescott (c) vs. TBA

Singles match for the CWA Breakthrough Championship:

TBA (c) vs. TBA

Grudge match:

Sora vs. The Angry Video Game Nerd