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The CWA Breakthrough Championship is the mid-card title in CWA . The first champion was determined at CWA: Gold Rush in a Six Man Ladder match.

CWA Breakthrough Championship
The CWA Breakthrough Championship Belt
The CWA Breakthrough Championship Belt
Shang Tsung
Date won CWA: Gold Rush
(aired 06/26/2020)
Promotion CWA: Cyber Wrestling Alliance
Date introduced May 2020

Rules of the Championship[]

When the championship was revealed by Noah Bennet on the first episode of CWA Breakdown, he revealed there was rules to being the CWA Breakthrough Champion:

  1. Title must be defended on every show.
  2. If you are unable to defend the championship, you will be stripped of the championship.
  3. You can opt to relinquish the championship for a CWA Heavyweigh Championship match, if you secure 10 successful defences.

List of Reigns[]

List of Individual Reigns[]

Superstar Days Held Date Won Date Lost Reign Successful Defenses
Shang Tsung 39 days+ (as of 4th August 2020) 06/26/2020 1 2+

List of Combined Reigns[]

Rank Superstar Number of Reigns Combined Days Combined Defenses
1 Shang Tsung 1 39 days+ 2+