CWA Heavyweight Championship
The CWA Heavyweight Championship Belt
The CWA Heavyweight Championship Belt
Mike Cross
Date won CWA: Gold Rush
(aired 06/26/2020)
Promotion CWA: Cyber Wrestling Alliance
Date introduced May 2020

The CWA Heavyweight Championship is the top title in CWA . The first champion was determined at CWA: Gold Rush in a Twelve Man Gauntlet for the Gold.

List of Reigns[edit | edit source]

List of Individual Reigns[edit | edit source]

Champion Days Held Date Won Date Lost Reign
Mike Cross 39 days+ (as of 4th August 2020) 06/26/2020


List of Combined Reigns[edit | edit source]

Rank Superstar Number of Reigns Combined Days
1 Mike Cross 1 39 days+
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