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CWF Battle Bowl I
CWF Battle Bowl I Logo.png
Promotion CAW Wrestling Federation
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Date April 15, 2012
Venue Staples Center
City Los Angeles, CA
Theme song "Polyamorous" by Breaking Benjamin
Last Event First
Next Event CAWtion

The Card:

CWF Tournament Finals for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship

CWF Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Ryu Hayabusa vs. King

Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage Match for the CWF Intergauge Championship: Sinestro vs. Travis Touchdown vs. Kratos vs. Isaiah Bradley

CWF Tag Team Tournament Finals for the CWF Tag Team Championships

8-Man Ladder Match for the CWF Zero-G Championship: Tarzan vs. Red Robin vs. Danny Phantom vs. Jaime Reyes vs. Chris Redfield vs. John Stewart vs. Jim Raynor vs. Spider-Man 2099

CWF Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Kane & Lynch vs. Organization XIII

CWF Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Cole McGrath vs. Starkiller

CWF Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals Match: X & Zero vs. The Cartoon Boom

Grudge Match: Dante vs. Vergil


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Sora defeated Kevin Levin, Vile, Leon Kennedy, Ghostface, Snake Eyes, Professor Chaos, and Buzz Lightyear CWF NXT Rookies Battle Royal
Preshow Revan, Big Daddy and Captain Marvel defeated Red Skull, Red X and Deadpool 6 Man Tag Team Match
1 Dante defeated Vergil Grudge Match
2 The Cartoon Boom defeated X and Zero by DQ CWF Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals Match
3 Cole McGrath defeated Starkiller CWF Tournament Semi-Finals Match
4 Organization XIII defeated Kane and Lynch CWF Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals Match
5 Red Robin defeated Tarzan, Danny Phantom, Jaime, Reyes, Chris Redfield, John Stewart, Jim Raynor, and Spider-Man 2099 8-Man Ladder Match for the vacated CWF Zero-G Championship
6 Isaiah Bradley defeated Kratos, Travis Touchdown, and Sinestro Fatal Four Way Match for the vacated CWF Intergauge Championship
7 Organization XIII defeated the Cartoon Boom Tag Team Match for the vacated CWF World Tag Tag Championships
8 King defeated Ryu Hayabusa CWF Tournament Semi-Finals Match
9 Cole McGrath defeated King CWF Tournament Finals Match for the vacated CWF World Heavyweight Championship
  • 2 - The Cartoon Boom won the match due to Zero knocking out the ref down by accident.
  • 3 - Both men uses lightning to each other in the match.
  • 5 - Spider-Man 2099 got injured during the match.
  • 6 - Deimos interfered and cost Kratos the match.
  • 8 - Cole McGrath joined Walter Scott for commentary to scout his opponent.

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • The Anonymous Chairman have some announcements to make. The doctors have checked on Spider-Man 2099, who was powerbombed through a ladder by Tarzan. He will miss a 3 to 4 months of action with a back injury. That brings the second announcement. Considering the Fatal 4-Way Match is a cage match, and considering that he don't want anybody hurt, he have decided to make this match a regular Fatal 4-Way Match. The crowd boos a little at this announcement. He known that they are all upset but he don't want to risk the the health of his superstars.