CWA (Championship Wrestling Alliance) is an efed being run by Wildcatv1 on the Efed Forumzone. The league is a fantasy based league and recognizes 4 championships. The World Championship, the Tag Team Championships, The Ironman Championship (must be defended on each show), and the Women's Championship. 4 mini tournaments were held to crown the first champions.

CWA was included in the mult league show When Worldz Collide on Episode 3. Lucario represented the league against DWA's Ash Crimison and lost.


Razer - Razer’s Edge, Silent Rage (Silver Spoon DDT) Mario - Super Mario Stunner, Shroomsault (Lionsault)

Luigi- Shroom Kick (Brouge Kick), Screwdriver

Eli - Book of Eli (Book of Ezekiel)

Venom - Symbiotic Lock (Hell's Gate)

Eragon - Brisingr (Colt 45)

Wayne - Harmonizer (Mcgillycutter)

Lucario- Aura Drive (Burning Hammer), Aura Lock (Kimora Lock)

Sub Zero - Below Zero (Pedigree) Freeze Over (Figure 4)

Scorpion - Spear

Sothe - One Hit Kill (Beautiful DIsaster), Whisper in the Wind

Edward - Killer Edge (Killswitch)

Leonardo - Dead Eye (450 splash)

Nightwing - Turning of the Night (Vertaebreaker)

Kid Flash - Wave of the Future

Superboy - Dominator

Aqualad - Neptune's Trident

Goten - Double Moonsault

Trunks - Finish Buster (Crossrhodes)

X - X Buster (Fisherman Suplex)

Casshern - Atonement (Judgment Slam)

Ganta - Ganta Gun (Impaler DDT)

Luke Cage - Last Ride

Iron Fist - Iron Fist (WMD)

Spiderman - Five Star Spider Splash

Nova - Shooting Star Press

Casey Jones- Piledriver

Kaiba- White Dragon Bomb (Powerbomb)

Naruto- Double Arm DDT

Sauske- Cross Arm Neckbreaker

Jirad Khalil- Bearhug, The Bearded Drop (Rock Bottom)

Chuggaaconroy- ?

Protonjon- Kaizo Trap (Last Chancery)

Nintendocaprisun- ?

Starkiller- ?

Cole Macgrath- Ray Sphere (RKO)

Sonic the Hedgehog- Super Sonic Splash (Superfly Splash), Sonic Boom (Reverse Twist of Fate)

Riku- Path to Dawn (Lethal Combination), Soul Eater (Spinning Fisherman's suplex)


Samus - Screwattack (Swanton Bomb)

Miciah - Thani (Twist of Fate)

Artemis - Falcon Arrow

Miss Martian - Fame Asser

White Tiger - Tiger Driver

Lyuze - Atonment (Judgement Slam)

Videl - Satan Drop (Rock Bottom)

Sonya Blade - Blade Cutter (RKO)

Tag Teams and Stables

Young Justice (Nightwing, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Artemis, Miss Martian)

New Avengers (Spiderman, Nova, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, White Tiger)

Mario Bros (Mario and Luigi)

Dawn Brigade (Sothe, Edward, Leonardo)

Goten and Trunks

The Runaway Guys (Chuggaaconroy, Proton Jon, Nintendocaprisun)- Let's Player's Curse (3D)

Anti Heroes- Cole Macgrath and Starkiller

Current Champions

CWA World Champion - Kaiba

CWA Tag Team Champions - Team 7 (Naruto and Sauske)

CWA Ironman Champion - Ash Crimison (DAW Wrestler)

CWA Women's Champion - Lyuze

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