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American Anarchy
Promotion Doom Action Wrestling
Brand(s) DAW B-Rush
Date February 21, 2013
Venue B-Rush Arena
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Theme song "The Only" by Static X
Last Event DAW Top of the Class
Next Event DAW Testing The Limit

DAW Universal Championship: Cobra Commander (c) vs. Optimus Prime

Elimination Chamber Match - Winner gets a shot at the DAW Universal Championship: Red Skull vs. Grayson Hunt vs. Havik vs. Phil Labonte vs. Spawn vs. Thor

Edge vs. Kratos - If Kratos wins, then Walter Scott will reinstate by the DAW Co-Presidents. But if he Kratos lose, then his and Composite Superman's contracts with DAW B-Rush will be terminated.

Sub-Zero vs. Ghost Rider

DAW Nitro National Championship: Reptile (c) vs. Sinestro

DAW Tag Team Championship: Gears of War (c) vs. The Deadly Alliance

Duke Nukem & Colossus vs. Bane & Solomon Grundy

17 Women Gauntlet for the Gold for the DAW Women's Championship

10 Man Steel Asylum Match - Winner becomes the no. 1 contender for the DAW Action-X Championship: Jak vs. Trunks Briefs vs. Danny Phantom vs. The Silver Space Ranger vs. Samurai Jack vs. Spider-Man Noir vs. Kid Buu vs. The Prince of Persia vs. King vs. Snake Eyes

Aladdin & Peter Pan vs. Ron Stoppable & "The American Dragon" Jake Long


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Arbiter def. Gambit Singles Match
Preshow Delta Squad (Augustus Cole & Damon Baird) def. Army of Two (Tyson Rios & Elliot Salem) Tag Team Match
1 Danny Phantom def. Spider-Man Noir, The Prince of Persia, King, The Silver Space Ranger, Jak, Trunks Briefs, Samurai Jack, Kid Buu, and Snake Eyes 10 Man Steel Asylum Match; Winner becomes no. 1 contender for the DAW Action-X Championship
2 Ron Stoppable & "The American Dragon" Jake Long def. Aladdin & Peter Pan Interpromotional Tag Team Match
3 Ghost Rider def. Sub-Zero Grudge Match
4 Gears of Wars (Marcus Fenix & Dominic Santiago) (c) def. The Deadly Alliance (Shang Tsung & Quan Chi) Tag Team Match for the DAW Tag Team Championship
5 Sinestro def. Reptile (c) Singles Match for theDAW Nitro National Championship