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DAW Inter-Action Championship
An image of the DAW Inter-Action Championship.
Date won May 25, 2012
Promotion Doom Action Wrestling

Blade - the first and current DAW Inter-Action champion

The DAW Inter-Action Championship is one of secondary titles of the Dangerously Aggressive Wrestling fantasy wrestling promotion and it is the secondary title of the Extinction brand. The first champion was determined in a eight man elimination match. The current champion is Blade who won the title in a Eight Man Elimination Match on May 25, 2012 at Top of the Class.

Title History[]

Wrestler: Time: Date: Notes:
Blade 1 May 25, 2012 Blade won the title in a Eight Man Elimination Match by last eliminating Cyrax. Green Lantern, Noob Saibot, Captain America, The Joker, The Punisher, & the Nostalgia Critic was also in the match.

List of individual reigns[]

As of May 30, 2012

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Blade 104+ May 25, 2012 Current champion