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Mega Monday
Promotion Doom Action Wrestling
Brand(s) DAW Extinction
Date September 26, 2011
Venue Extinction Arena
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Theme song "Freefall" by Two Steps From Hell
Last Event DAW Vicious Circle
Next Event DAW Final Friday

DAW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals: Smoke vs. Scorpion

Steel Cage Match: The Scarecrow vs. The Joker

No Holds Barred Tag Team Match: Superman and Iron Man vs. Darkseid and The Punisher

Grudge Match: The Green Goblin vs. "Nostalgia Critic" Doug Walker

Sektor vs. The Green Arrow

Cyrax vs. "The Day Walker" Blade

Primal Instinct vs. Heroes for Hire

Cinder vs. Captain Marvel

Jago vs. Predator


# Results Stipulations
Preshow The Warriors of Cosmos (Cloud Strife & Tidus) def. The X-Men (Cyclops & Wolverine) Tag Team Match
1 Cinder def. Captain Marvel Singles Match
2 The Heroes for Hire (Luke Cage & Iron Fist) def. Primal Instinct (Riptor & Sabrewulf Tag Team Match
3 "The Day Walker" Blade def. Cyrax Singles Match
4 Superman and Iron Man def. Darkseid and The Punisher No Holds Barred Tag Team Match
5 Jago def. The Predator Singles Match
6 The Green Arrow def. Sektor Singles Match
7 The Nostalgia Critic def. The Green Goblin Grudge Match
8 The Joker def. The Scarecrow Steel Cage Match
9 Smoke def. Scorpion Singles Match for the DAW World Heavyweight Championship
  • 2 - Primal Instinct attack and took out Heroes for Hire after the match.
  • 4 - After the match, Darkseid and the Punisher attack both Superman and Iron Man from behind. Darkseid handcuffed Superman to the ring ropes and those handcuffs were laced with kryptonite. Then The Punisher ripped the pacemaker from Iron Man's suit and try to kill him.
  • 5 - The individual with the glowing yellow eyes hit Predator in the shoulder with some kind of blue energy. Then the glowing yellow eyes move towards The Predator. The eyes de-cloak and we see a man wearing Predator battle armor and a mask. He steps on the shoulder wound of The Predator as The Predator roars out in pain. Then the individual takes off the mounted shoulder cannon and the mask. He then attaches two wrist mounted guns to each of his arms. That person with the glowing yellow eyes was none other than Deadshot. Then he told Jago thanks to him. You led me right to Jago's master. Ultratech put a heavy bounty on the price of his Master’s head and now thanks to Jago, his Master was...dead.
  • 7 - The Green Goblin jumped the Nostalgia Critic after the match and attack him like an uncaged animal. But The Incredible came out and save The Critic from The Green Goblin's post-match beatdown.
  • 8 - Eminem came out and hit The Scarecrow with a kick to the head on the top of the cage.
  • 9 - King of Fighters' Ash Crimson interfered and cost Scorpion the match.

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • Scarecrow use his fear gas on Alison Haislip while during an interview when Haislip told him a question regarding The Joker.