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David Otunga is a real life wrestler competing in the Crossverse federation NXT-X . He is a former member of WWE-X where he competed on the Raw brand.

David Otunga

WWE-X (2013 - 2014)[]

Mike Cross/Kymontra Era (2013)[]

David Otunga made his WWE-X debut on the first episode of WWE-X Raw, competing in a round one match of the WWE-X Title tournament in a losing effort against Alex Riley. Otunga would not be seen again until WWE-X Raw 5, where he lost to The Miz. He would miss out on wrestling at WrestleMania 29, but return to action on WWE-X Raw 7, where he took part in a battle royal to become the Number 1 Contender to the WWE-X Championship, he would be eliminated second by Kane. Otunga would next face off against Ultrakore on WWE-X Raw 8 in a losing effort. He would not appear again before WWE-X closed it's doors.

Walter Scott Era (2013 - 2014)[]

David Otunga made his WWE-X debut (under Walter Scott) on the first episode of Raw in a losing effort against Kofi Kingston in a WWE-X Championship tournament first round match. This would be his only match during Walter Scott's tenure as writer.

Wildcatv1 Era (2014)[]

David Otunga made his WWE-X debut (under Wildcatv1) in the Royal Rumble match to crown a new WWE-X Champion at WWE-X Royal Rumble, as the 23rd entrant. He would last a while before being eliminated by eventual winner, Chris Jericho. This would be his only appearence as he was traded to NXT-X after WWE-X Elimination Chamber.

NXT-X (2014 - Present)[]

David Otunga would be traded to NXT-X alongside Titus O'Neil for Xavier Woods and a former NXT-X Pan Handle Champion in Big E Langston. He made his debut in a non-wrestling role on Xplosion 35, when Xplosion GM Eric Bischoff revealed to the NXT-X fans that their had been a trade between WWE-X & NXT-X. Otunga made his in-ring debut on NXT-X Nitro 1 defeating Rick Victor.

Finishing Moves[]


  • The Verdict (Thrust Spinebuster) 2013 - 2014


  • The Verdict (Thrust Spinebuster) 2014 - present
  • The Honor Roll (Swinging Double Under Hook Suplex) 2014 - present

Entance Themes[]


  • "All About The Power (V2)" by S-Preme (May 15, 2014 - )