"What is Battlebowl? This will be an E-Fed event starring every active E-Fed on this site. Each active E-Fed will choose 1 representative from their roster to compete in a match for the newly created E-Fed Global Championship. This championship is the greatest belt you can win in the E-Fed world today. Whoever the winner of the match is will be able to wear it proudly in their fed and know that they are truly a cut above the rest. During Battlebowl, each E-Fed will have 1 match to make up the rest of the events card. I imagine every E-Fed owner will be going all out so bring your A-Game. What I need from the E-Fed owners is their choice for a participant in the E-Fed Global Championship match. And their 1 show off match that they will have at Battlebowl. More info coming soon..." - Mike Cross, 2015

The E-Fed BattleBowl event was a crossover event featuring all the active (as of 06/29/15) e-Feds on the SCAW Forumzone. The idea was created by FZW Havok writer Mike Cross. All matches were posted by the owners/writers of the respective leagues. The leagues with two brands were allowed two representatives for the BattleBowl match and allowed two matches to showcase their talent.

BattleBowl match representatives and "Showcase" matches[edit | edit source]

League Brand BattleBowl Representative Showcase match
DWA N/A Bobby Mitchell Darth Maul vs. Samurai Jack © for the DWA Championship
EWA N/A Mike Cross Team 3D (Bully Ray/Devon) vs. The Hardyz (Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy) © vs. New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg/Billy Gunn) in a Triple Threat Hardcore Tag Team match for the EWA World Tag Team Championships
GWA N/A 005 Django Freeman vs. Agent 47 in a Hardcore match
FZW Chaos Lewis Rivers Jason Russo vs. Kyle4000 vs. Lewis Rivers vs. Mike Cross in an Ultimate 4-Way
FZW Havok Halcyon Midnight Bliss vs. Sara Howlett
RWA Beatdown Danny Phantom Marth vs. Shulk
RWA Super Rage Dan Hibiki Queen Elsa vs. Anti-Princess Rosalina
WWE-X Raw Samoa Joe TBA vs. Kings of Wrestling © in an Open Challenge for the WWE-X Tag Team Championships
WWE-X Smackdown Brock Lesnar TBA vs. Jack Swagger © in an Open Challenge for the WWE-X United States Championship
WSCW N/A Raditz Deadshot (w/ Captain Boomerang) vs. Daredevil

Results[edit | edit source]

Match Result Stipulation Posted By
1 Midnight Bliss def. Sara Howlett Singles match Mike Cross
2 Samurai Jack © def. Darth Maul Singles match for the DWA Championship boobzilla
3 Shulk def. Marth Singles match Keith Austin
4 Daredevil def. Deadshot (w/ Captain Boomerang) Singles match leebo4
5 Mike Cross def. Kyle400, FZW Zeta Champion Jason Russo and Lewis Rivers Ultimate 4-Way match for a future FZW Chaos Championship match Walter Scott
6 Rosalina def. Elsa Singles match Keith Austin
7 Jack Swagger © def. WWE-X Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler Open Challenge for the WWE-X United States Championship Wildcatv1
8 Django Freeman def. Agent 47 Hardcore match 005
9 Kings of Wrestling (Cesaro/Ohno) © def. WWE-X World Tag Team Champions Beer Money (Storm/Roode) Open Challenge for the WWE-X Tag Team Championships Wildcatv1
10 Team 3D (Bully Ray/Devon) def. The Hardyz (Matt/Jeff) © and New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg/Gunn) Triple Threat Hardcore Tag Team match for the EWA World Tag Team Champions Jamo
11 WWE-X Smackdown's Brock Lesnar last eliminated FZW Chaos' Lewis Rivers BattleBowl match for the e-Fed Global Championship Mike Cross

Order of Elimination (for the BattleBowl match)[edit | edit source]

Elimination Superstar Eliminated By Time Show Represented
1 Dan Hibiki Samoa Joe after a Muscle Buster 8:33 RWA Super Rage
2 Halcyon Radditz after a Powerbomb through the cage opening at the top of the cage 14:09 FZW Havok
3 Samoa Joe Radditz after a Roll Up 15:58 WWE-X Raw
4 Radditz Brock Lesnar after an F5 19:22 WSCW
5 Danny Phantom Mike Cross after hitting The Edge against the side of the cage 26:36 RWA Beatdown
6 Mike Cross 005 after a Diving Splash from the top of the cage 29:47 EWA
7 005 Bobby Mitchell after a Cross Country Kick 30:01 GWA
8 Bobby Mitchell Brock Lesnar after an F5 into Lewis Rivers 39:51 DWA
9 Lewis Rivers Brock Lesnar after an F5 against the cage wall TBA FZW Chaos
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