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ECDL (Extreme Championship Dynasty League) is an e-fed that run by e-fed forum zone user brucebatman. ECDL made its debut on the SCAW Forum Zone and made it's move to the E-fed Forum Zone. Today, it is one of the biggest e-fed leagues on the E-fed Forum Zone and now has many thousands of fans in the USA and millions around the world. ECDL ended on January 31st, 2012. Brucebatman's post read as follows:

" I have decided to end ECDL. The show is expanding too fast for me. but I did have a great time writing ECDL for a year. Also I am going to start another e-fed sometime this week, but it will probably have only one show and not four shows like ECDL did. I will make the new e-fed better than ECDL. I will announce the name for the new e-fed soon (probably sometime tonight). Also I hope I will get new viewers for this e-fed like Jessica cause I know she hated ECDL. I don't know if it was cause of me or not but I want me and her not to hate each other anymore. I want a truce with her. But anyway, thank you fans for your support of ECDL and I hope you enjoyed every second of it.


The First Champion

ECDL had an 32 man tournament to crown the first ever ECDL World Champion. The tournament was won by Spiderman who defeated Kratos in the finals of the tournament at Thrill Night.

Current Major ECDL Staff

Name Finishers Notes Championship History Accomplishments
James Bond Secret Agent Slam (Angle Slam), Secret Agent Lock (Ankle Lock) ECDL President First Two Time ECDL President
Captain America All American Slam (Olympic Slam), All American Splash (Superfly Splash) ECDL Commissioner Final ECDL Commissioner
Black Mask ECDL Combat GM
Kyle4000 Kyle Cutter (Hunting RKO), Kyle Stunner (Stunner), Nightmare Lock (Coquina Clutch) ECDL Lethal GM First ever ECDL Commissioner
Stone Cold Steve Austin Stone Cold Stunner ECDL NXT GM

Combat Roster

Name Finishers Notes Championship History Accomplishments
"Badass" Bart Simpson Bart KO (RKO), Punt Kick Current Hardcore Star Champion Final Hardcore Champion
Black Lantern Black Light (Final Cut), Blackest Night (Spear)
Chuck Norris Norris Kick (Superkick), Roundhouse Kick
Deadpool Deadpoll's Spear (Top Rope Spear)
Freddy Krueger Iron Claw
Guile Sonic Boom (Asai DDT), Super Sonic Boom (Top Rope Sonic Boom)
Hellboy Slam to Hell (Chokeslam from Hell), Doomstone (Tombstone Piledriver) 1x ECDL World Champion Final ECDL World Champion and the only undefeated superstar in ECDL (14-0)
Howard Jones Killswitch Engage (Killswitch)
Jax Jax Attack (Running STO) 1x Hardcore Star Champion First Hardcore Star Champion
Kato Hornet's Nest Moonsault (Moonsault 1x World Tag Team Champions (with The Green Hornet) First and only World Tag Team Champion
Killer Croc Croc Drop (Wasteland) Winner of ECDL Choose the Superstar I
Kingpin Greedy Powerbomb (Jackknife Powerbomb) Leader of Crime Inc. Current ECDL World Champion
Kratos Chains of Olympus (Clothesline) Runner-up of the ECDL World Championship Tournament
Mario Super Mario Stunner (Stone Cold Stunner)
Michael Myers 10/31 (Double Armed Chokeslam)
Rhino Gore, Dominator
Slash Guitar Solo (Twist of Fate) Winner of ECDL Choose the Tag Team I (with Tommy Lee)
Spider-Man Spidey Sense (Complete Shot), Five Star Spider Splash (Five Star Frog Splash) 2x ECDL World Champion First ECDL World Champion, first 2x ECDL World Champion, and winner of the ECDL World Championship Tournament
The Green Hornet Hornet's Nest Moonsault (Moonsault) 1x World Tag Team Champion (With Kato) First and only World Tag Team Champion
The Punisher Final Punishment (Pedigree) Buried Alive by Freddy Krueger
The Terminator Terminated (Powerbomb)
Tommy Lee Rock and Roll Leg Drop Winner of the ECDL Choose the Tag Team I (With Slash)
Two-Face Broken Face (Facebuster)
Walter Scott Jackhammer, Spear

Lethal Roster

Name Finishers Notes Championships Accomplishments
Alex the Superstar Code of the Star (Superkick), Dark Star Press (Shooting Star Press), Starcrusher (Codebreaker), Quote of the Star (Walls of Jericho) 1x ECDL Knockout Champion First ever ECDL Knockout Champion
Bane Bane Bomb (Gorilla Press into a Powerbomb)
Batman Batbreaker (Vertabreaker), Rock Bottom
Black Adam Adam Bomb (Batista Bomb)
Broly Broly Driver
Bruce Lee Kick of the Dragon (Trouble in Paradise), Way of the Dragon (STFU) 1x ECDL Tag Team Champion First ever ECDL Tag Team Champion (w/ Mr. Clean)
Captain Marvel Thunderstruck, Marvelosity (450 Splash), Shazam Splash (Gorilla Press Drop and Running Splash)
Danny Jackpot Cash Out (Lifting Double Arm DDT), One Kick KO (Standing Roundhouse Kick)
Daredevil Blind Attack (Pedigree) 1x Extreme World Champion First and only Extreme World Champion and winner of the Extreme World Championship Tournament
Goku Power of a Super Saiyan 1x Cybernet champion First Cybernet Champion
Green Arrow Arrow Shot (Razor's Edge), Pin-Point Arrow (Warrior's Way)
Ironman Steamroller, Iron Curtain (F5) Leader of the NWO 2.0
Jason Voorhees Crystal Lake Slam (Chokeslam)
Lance Burton Grand Finale (TKO), Magical Spark (Spinal Tap)
Leatherface Slice n' Dice (Double Underhook DDT)
Link ZDT (Brainbuster), Crossface
Michael Myers 10/31 (Double Armed Chokeslam)
Mr. Clean Clean Cut (Diamond Cutter), Clean Sweep (Russian Legsweep), Cleaning Press (Shooting Star Press) 1x ECDL Tag Team Champion First ever ECDL Tag Team Champion (w/Bruce Lee)
Nightwing Turning of the Night (CrossRhodes), Night Wings (Angel Wings)
Peter Griffin Rhode Island Splash (Frog Splash)
Santa Claus Jingle Bell Drop (Samoa Drop), Down the Chimney (Seated Senton from the second rope), Santa's Sleigh (Camel Clutch) Injured by Broly
Shade Shades Drop (Overflow DDT), Mark of the Shadows (Judgment Slam), Shadow Lock (Dragon Sleeper)
Superboy Speeding Bullet (Spear), Kryptonian Driver (Filp Piledriver) 1x Tag Team Champion Final Tag Team Champion
Superman S5 (F5), Kryptonian Deathlock (Sharpshooter) 1x Tag Team Champion Final Tag Team Champion
The Flash Flash Drive (FU), Sharpflash (Sharpshooter)
The Joker Why So Serious (Spinning Fisherman's Suplex), No Laughing Matter (Doubled Arm Suplex #1) Current Cybernet Champion
Thor Power of the Hammer (Bodyslam) 1x Knockout Champion Final Knockout Champion and Runner-up of the Extreme World Championship Tournament
War Machine Mortar Slam (Modified Dominator), Spinning Powerbomb
Wolverine AKO (RKO), Weapon X Bomb (Batista Bomb)


Name Finishers Notes Championship History Accomplishments
Angry Gilmore Anger Management (DDT) Sent to Hell by Hellboy
Bullseye Direct Hit (450 Splash)
Hercules Champion Power (Double Underhook Arm DDT)
Homer Simpson Simpson Stunner (Stone Cold Stunner), Springfield Splash (Body Splash) Shot to the head by a member of the World Empire
Jack Sparrow Pirate's Plunge (Sambo Suplex), Walk the Plank (Old School)
Juggernaut End of the Line (Headbutt), Lights Out (Sleeper Hold)
Kano Eye of Kano (Spear)
Lex Luthor LL Bomb (Batista Bomb), Luthor Empire (Cloverleaf Submission Hold) Former leader of Crime Inc. Former ECDL President
M. Bison Jackhammer, Corkscrew Moonsault
Mewtwo Chokebomb
Michael Jordan Game Winner (Playmaker), Air Jordan (450 Splash)
Mr. Incredible Incredible Slam (Full Nelson Slam)
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock DDT (Paydirt)
The Toymaker N/A
Venom Venom Bite (Widow's Peak)
Zod Kneel Before Zod (Spinning Double Armed Sitout Powerbomb)

Current Champions

ECDL World Championship: Hellboy

ECDL Extreme World Championship: Daredevil

ECDL Hardcore Star Championship: "Badass" Bart Simpson

ECDL Cybernet Championship: The Joker

ECDL World Tag Team Championship: The Green Hornet & Kato

ECDL Tag Team Championship: Bruce Lee & Mr. Clean

ECDL Knockout Championship: Thor

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