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Beaten Bloody[]

Beaten Bloody

ECDL Beaten Bloody

Promotion Extreme Championship Dynasty Wrestling
Brand(s) ECDL Combat & ECDL Lethal
Date March 25, 2011
Venue TD Garden
City Boston, MA
Theme song "Until the End" by Breaking Benjamin
Last Event ECDL World Domination
Next Event ECDL Hardcore Survival

ECDL World Championship Inside the Steel Cage: Spider-Man (c) vs. Homer Simpson

Finals of the Tournament to Crown the First ECDL Extreme World Championship and it is Extreme Rules: Thor/The Flash vs. Jason/Daredevil

ECDL Hardcore Star Championship First Blood Match: Jax (c) vs. Bart Simpson

ECDL President Position Hell in a Cell Match: James Bond vs. Lex Luthor

ECDL Tag Team Championship Tables Match: Bruce Lee & Mr. Clean (c) vs. Danny Jackpot & Alex the Superstar

Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the ECDL Cybernet Championship: Nightwing vs. Captain Marvel vs. Black Adam vs. Superboy vs. Captain America vs. Goku

Chairs Match for Gilmore's Championship Shot: Hellboy vs. Angry Gilmore

Singles Match: The Punisher vs. Freddy Krueger

Elimination Tag Team Match: NWO 2.0 vs. Crime Inc.

Semi Final Match for the ECDL Extreme World Championship: Daredevil vs. Jason Voorhees

Semi Final Match for the ECDL Extreme World Championship: Thor vs. The Flash


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Kratos defeated Bane and Two-Face Handicap Match
1 Thor defeated The Flash Semi Final Match for the ECDL Extreme World Championship
2 Daredevil defeated Jason Voorhees Semi Final Match for the ECDL Extreme World Championship
3 NWO 2.0 (Iron-Man, War Machine, The Terminator, Santa Claus, & Michael Jordan) defeated Crime Inc. (Kingpin, The Joker, Michael Myers, Juggernaut, & Rhino) Elimination Tag Team Match
4 The Punisher defeated Freddy Krueger Singles Match
5 Hellboy defeated Angry Gilmore Chairs Match for Angry Gilmore's Championship Shot
6 Goku defeated Nightwing, Black Adam, Captain Marvel, Superboy, and Captain America Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the ECDL Cybernet Championship
7 Bruce Lee & Mr. Clean (c) defeated The Saviors (Danny Jackpot & Alex the Superstar) Tables Match for the ECDL Tag Team Championship
8 Lex Luthor defeated James Bond Hell in a Cell for the ECDL Presidency
9 Bart Simpson defeated Jax (c) First Blood Match for the ECDL Hardcore Star Championship
10 Daredevil defeated Thor Extreme Rules for the ECDL Extreme World Championship
11 Spider-Man (c) defeated Homer Simpson Steel Cage Match for the ECDL World Championship
12 Kingpin defeated Spider-Man (c) Singles Match for the ECDL World Championship
  • Preshow - Bane turn his back on Two-Face after the match.
  • 1 - Green Lantern interfered and cost The Flash the match. After the match, Green Lantern told the fans that he is Black Lantern.
  • 3 - After the match, Crime Inc. and RWA's Destruction attack NWO 2.0 in the ring.
  • 4 - Freddy Krueger use his claw on the Punisher and told that they will face each other one more time in a Buried Alive match at Hardcore Survival.
  • 5 - Hellboy sent Angry Gilmore to hell.
  • 7 - The lights went off and the tron shows a message "Who save the Savior?".
  • 8 - RWA's Spawn interfered and cost James Bond the match.
  • 9 - Walter Scott interfered and cost Jax the match.
  • 12 - Lex Luthor ordered Spider-Man to defend his title one more time.

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • Stewie was about to tell Kyle Crime Inc.'s plan but he was shot by the Joker and Crime Inc. put Kyle in a closet.
  • The man who play the "Who save the Savior?" messages was none other than Shade and beat up Alex after the match.
  • Lex Luthor told the fans that he forced Alex, Kyle, and Bruce into matches and if they lose those matches, they will be fired.
  • Kingpin and the rest of Crime Inc. beat up Spider-Man and laid him out cold. After that, they attack Brucebatman and Kingpin knock him out with the Greedy Powerbomb through the announce table.