ECDL Hardcore Star Championship
An image of the ECDL Hardcore Star Championship.
"Badass" Bart Simpson
Date won March 27, 2011
Promotion Extreme Championship Dynasty League
Date retired January 31, 2012

The final Hardcore Star champion "Badass" Bart Simpson

The ECDL Hardcore Star Championship is currently the secondly championship on the Combat brand since the roster split/brand extension. It was originally the second highest title in the ECDL when the company started. The title has been retired due to ECDL's end from the E-Fed World.

Current Champion[edit | edit source]

The current champion is "Badass" Bart Simpson, who won the title at Beaten Bloody by defeating Jax in a First Blood Match.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Jax
  • "Badass" Bart Simpson

Title Reigns by Length (as of 1/31/2012[edit | edit source]

  • "Badass" Bart Simpson (1) - 10 months, 4 days
  • Jax (1) - 2 months, 4 days
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