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FZW Havok Marvels Championship
An image of the FZW Havok Marvels Championship.
Becky Lynch
Date won January 17, 2016
Promotion Forum Zone Championship
Brand Havok
Date introduced October 28, 2015
Date retired April 3, 2016

The FZW Havok Marvels Championship was a title in the [FZW|Forum Zone Wresting] fantasy wrestling promotion. The first champion was determined in a firing squad match. Lady Mara defeated Sara Howlette, Midnight Bliss, Shaul Guerrero, and Sexy Star on October 28, 2015 at FZW: Menace to Society. The last champion was Becky Lynch.

Title History[]

Wrestler: Time: Date: Notes:
Lady Mara 1 October 28, 2015
Kayo Bitoru 1 December 27, 2015
Vacant December 27, 2015 Title vacated after Kayo Bitoru was forced to retire due to injury
Becky Lynch 1 January 17, 2016
Title Retired April 3, 2016 Title retired after being unified with the FZW Chaos Marvels Championship

List of individual reigns[]

As of April 3, 2016

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Becky Lynch 77 January 17, 2016 April 3, 2016
Lady Mara 60 October 28, 2015 December 27, 2015
Kayo Bitoru <1 December 27, 2015 December 27, 2015