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GCW: Gruesome Championship Wrestling is an E-Fed league that was created by E-Fed Network user Mike Cross. The E-Fed is considered a "Backyard Wrestling" Fed. It has produced multiple episodes of GCW Mayhem and 1 mega-event titled, Vendetta. GCW returned to air on November 20th, 2015 exclusivley on the E-Fed Network website. With its return came a new owner of the company in the form of Mike Cross and his Hoes of Authority (Jasmine and Diamond) The titles stayed on the champions that held them when the Fed shut down.

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GCW Superstars notes Finishers
Cyclops First and Current GCW Champion The First Class (Pedigree)
Raphael Trouble in Brooklyn (Trouble in Paradise)
Jaden Yuki Shuffle The Deck (Backstabber), Shadyvox (Sharpshooter)
Nightwing Shadow of the Bat (Rolling Cutter)
Scarlet Spider Clone Saga (Rock Bottom), Scarlet Spider Splash (5 Star Frog Splash)
Jason Todd Final Crisis (Shooting Star Press)
Logan Snikkt Plex (Tazplex)
Amon 1x Brutal Champion Equal Act (Cradle Shock), Pro Bending Lock (Ankle Lock)
Bluntman 1x Brutal Champion The Joint (F5)
Chronic Snoogins (Fameasser)
Kick-Ass Hero Tribute (Knee Facebuster)
Ed PilEDriver (Piledriver)
Edd The Scheme (Poison Mist)
Eddy Jawbreaker (Stone Cold Stunner)
Zeo Gold Zeo Tower Leg Drop (Standing Leg Drop)
Zeo Red Zeo Tower Leg Drop (Leg Drop off of Zeo Gold's shoulders)
Zeo Green Zeo Tower Leg Drop (Leg Drop off of Zeo Red's shoulders)
Justice Evil Incarnate (Angel's Wings)
Captain Cold
Zero Current Brutal Champion Z-Buster (Hangmans Facebuster), Rekkoha (Backflip Double Foot Stomp)
Conner Kenway
Aang Avatar State (Reverse Twist of Fate)
Afro Samurai
Darth Malak
Big Daddy
Hank Hill
Stan Lee
Luke Cage
Mace Windu
Cole MacGrath
Rocket Raccoon
Hannibal King
Lupin the 3rd
Ben Tennyson
Rex Salazar
Finn the Human
Silver Surfer
Judge Dredd
Hulk Gamma Bomb (Jacknife Powerbomb)
Red Hulk Smash Slam (Worlds Strongest Slam)
Juggernaut The Collision (The Pounce)

GCW Sirens notes Finishers
Cheetara Cat Nip (Flip Bottom)
Jenna Jameson Million Dollar Kiss (Long Kiss Goodnight)
Jessica Simpson PERFECT 10 (Kong Bomb)
Kristen Stewart I Can Act! (Two Handed Curb Stomp)
Lighnting Bolt Strike (Uraken)
Princess Azula First and Current Sirens Champion  Wave of Fire (Inverted DDT)
Black Widow Widow's Peak (Rough Ryder)
Holly Madison Down the Rabbit Hole (Alabama Slam)
Sara Underwood Cos Kick (Heel Kick to back of opponents neck/Scorpion Rising)
Yang Xiao Long Ember Celica (Bull Hammer)
Jessica Nigri

Current Champions[]

Championships Champion(s) Previous Date Won Date Lost
GCW Championship Cyclops N/A October 8, 2012 N/A

GCW Brutal Championship

Zero Amon December 8, 2015 N/A
GCW Sirens Championship Princess Azula N/A November 26, 2012 N/A