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1st design for the GCW Championship

The GCW Championship was first contended between Nightwing and Cyclops on the first episode of GCW: Mayhem. The match was a regular singles match. After a back and forth match between the two, Cyclops showed everyone that he had created a stable called The Dynasty. The group interupted the match and beat down Nightwing. Cyclops took advantage of the hurt Nightwing and pinned him to win the GCW Championship. Due to the rules of GCW, where every match is anything goes, The Dynasty helping Cyclops was legal. Cyclops fought Logan at GCW Vendetta with the GCW Championship on the line. Cyclops defeated Logan with a First Class on a ladder to retain the title. On the 2nd episode of Mayhem after its return, The Hoes of Authority debuted the new design for the GCW Championship.

Championship History[]

Champion Previous Date Won Date Lost
Cyclops N/A October 8, 2012 N/A