GWA(Gemini Wrestling Association) was first established by SCAW Forum User Nick Gemini. This E-Fed was a results based E-Fed for a few months till Nick Gemini and fellow SCAW forum user, 005 started working together and changed it to it's current state as a writing based E-Fed. GWA had two brands, Bedlam and Riot. But when 005 was brought in as the main writer, Bedlam and Riot became one brand known as GWA Thunder. Currently, GWA is on the SCAW Forums and can be seen on the E-Fed Forumzone.

Current Champions in GWA Edit

  • GWA Champion: Ryan Knight
  • GWA Universal Champion: Jason Russo
  • GWA Tag Team Champions: ToeJam & Earl
  • GWA Rated-R Champion: Anthony Adams

GWA Thunder Roster Edit

Males Edit

Joseph Turok

Osman Kirin

Simon Belmont

Crash Bandicoot

Knuckles The Echinda 

Sonic The Hedgehog 

Little Mac (Punch Out!)

Godzilla (w/ Ahsoka Tano)

Deion Phillips

Jason Russo


Agent 47

Captain Falcon

Sagat (Street Fighter)

Jack Cayman

Gary Oak

Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)


Walter Scott





Fox McCloud


"The Perfect One" Nick Fairburn

Lewis Rivers

Falco Lombardi

Alex Starr

Ryan Knight

Backstage Workers: Edit

GWA CEO: 005

GWA Owner: Nick Gemini

GWA Commentator: Jon Stewart

GWA Heads of Security: Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn

GWA Interviewer: Joy Giovanni

Tag Teams/Stables: Edit

Unacknowledged Icons (Joseph Turok and Osman Kirin)

Super Mario Bros (Mario and Luigi)

Mortal Kombat (Scorpion and Sub-Zero)

God's Greatest Gifts (Walter Scott and Lewis Rivers)

Team Starfox (Fox and Falco)

Nintendo's Bad Boys (Bowser and Ganondorf)

The Most Dangerous Security (Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn)

Sonic & Knuckles

ToeJam & Earl

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