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GWF: Global Wrestling Federation is a interdependent E-Fed league that appears on the E-Fed Forum Zone and it was created by E-Fed Forum Zone members Kymontra and Deion. The first event of GWF was called Gold Rush and it featured all the title matches to crown the first champions in GWF history.

GWF Roster[]

Warzone Roster[]

Name Finishers Notes Championship History Accomplishments
Captain Falcon Falcon Punch (WMD)
Fox Star Fox (Flip Bottom)
Robin Titan Tower (Emerald Fusion), Crossface
Ness Earthbound (Shining Wizard)
Lucas Earthbound (Shining Wizard)
Red X X Mark (GTS), X Cution (Edgecution)
Johnny Gat Gat Gutbuster (Gutbuster)
Nathan Drake Eye of Indra (Skull Crushing Finale), Uncharted (Attitude Adjustment)
Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Ending (Moonsault)
Jack of Blades Deck of Blades (Brainbuster)
Sephiroth Jenova's Will (Vertebraker)
Sagat Tiger Shot (Clothesline from Hell), Tiger Knee (Knee Trembler)
Alucard Symphony Of The Night (Chokeslam) 1x Ultimate One Champion First and only Ultimate One Champion
Darkseid Apokolips Annihilator (Shock Drops)
El Stingray 5 Star Stingray Splash (Frog Splash)
Severus Snape Sectumsempra (Double Armed DDT)
Carl Johnson San Andreas Fault (Batista Bite), Grove Street Suplex (Fisherman's Suplex)
Sai Ink Flush (Jumping Complete Shot)
Smoke Smoked Out (RKO), Smoke Death (Sleeper Hold)
Amon Blood Bending (Cross Rhodes), Water Bending (Impaler DDT)
Space Ghost Coast to Coast (Missle Dropkick) 1x No Gravity Champion First and only No Gravity Champion
Grifter WildC.A.T.s (Future Shock DDT)
Lord Zedd Galactic Overload (Tombstone Piledriver)
"The God of War" Ares God of War (Mizard of Oz), Bloodshed (Flapjack)
Noble 6 Fall of Reach (Rock Bottom)
Daredevil Blinding Fury (Moonlight Drive)
James Bond 007 (Brogue Kick)
Al Capone Trigger Happy (Codebreaker)
Duke Nukem Hail to the King (Gutwrench Powerbomb), Nukem Bomb (Jacknife Powerbomb)
Illidan Stormrage Aura of Dead (High Cross), Shadow Demons (F5)
The Nameless One The Incarnation (Last Ride)
Jon "Bones" Jones Facecrusher (Lou Thez Press)
Gordon Freeman The Uprising (Dominator)
Android 17 Power Falling Star (450 Splash) 1x GWF Champion First and only GWF Champion
Altair Ibn-La'Ahad Assassin's Creed (Angle Slam), Altair Armbar (Cross Armbreaker)
Majin Buu Chocolate Beam (Spear)
M. Bison Pummeled to Dust (Jackhammer)
Megatron Deceptive Bomb (Batista Bomb)
Slade Slade Strike (Irish Curse Backbreaker) Leader of Dead on Arrival
Brian Griffin Legalize Marijuana (Lie Detector)
Stewie Griffin Curse You All (K2)
Goku Spirit Bomb (Alabama Slam)
Vegeta Final Flash (Side Effect)
Mermaid Man Mermaid Man: EEVVIILL (Code Blue)
Barnacle Boy Sulfer Vision (Killswitch)

Adrenaline Roster[]

Name Finishers Notes Championship History Accomplishments
Pit Angel's Light (Spinebuster) 1x Icon Champion First and only Icon Champion
Ike Final Smash (Scoop Slam)
Broly Gigantic Hammer (Gory Bomb)
Nero Devil Trigger (Styles Clash)
Uub Blazing Barrage Palm (Vise Grip), Lighting Arrow (German Suplex)
Albert Wesker Lost In Nightmares (Pay Dirt) 1x Adrenaline World Champion First and only Adrenaline World Champion
Jin Kazama Eighth Gate Of Hell (Reverse RKO)
Seiya Garuda Flap (Pedigree)
Lance Burton Sleight of Hand Magic (Gory Bomb)
The Rocketeer Rocketeer Bomb (Swanton Bomb)
Lee Chaotan Unicorn Takedown (Rough Ryder)
Kilik Kali-Yuge (Sidekick)
Strider Hiryu Cypher (Diamond Cutter)
Apollo Music Mash (STO)
Vergil Yamato Death Trigger (Russian Leg Sweep)
Hugo Hugo Hammer (Muscle Buster)
Rocky Balboa KO Punch (WMD)
Sabretooth Sabretooth Slam (Blackhole Slam)
Edward Elric Sudden Alchemy (Twist of Fate), Soul Binding (Yes Lock)
Riku Destiny Islands Drop (Samoan Drop)
Liu Kang Bicycle Kick (Brogue Kick), Shaolin Spirit (Corkscrew Splash)
Sasuke Chidori (Walls Of Jericho), Sharingon (Lionsault)
Sesshoumaru Killing Perfection (Dream Street), Circle of Destruction (Backstabber)
Venom Venomus Street Cutter (Osaka Street Cutter), Five Star Symbiote Splash (5 Star Frog Splash)
Atrocitus Red Light (Pumphandle Slam)
Chrono Chrono Tiger Slam (T-Bone Suplex)
Jigsaw Game Over (Lethal Injection)
Rampage Jackson The Top Shite (Truth or Consequences)
Ermac Soul Killer (Stone Cold Stunner)
Arthans Arthans Armbar (Triangle Hold)
Darth Malak Dark Lord Of The Sith Slam (Sidewalke Slam)
Bane Bat Breaker (Blackhole Slam Backbreaker)
Red Hood Under The Red Hood (Orton Backbreaker), Outlaw Driver (Edgecution), Red Mask (Sleeper Hold)
Shang Tsung Soul Splitter (Code Blue) 1x World Tag Team Champion First and only World Tag Team Champion
Quan Chi Demon Sorcery (World's Strongest Slam) 1x World Tag Team Champion First and only World Tag Team Champion

Breakouts Roster[]

Name Finishers Notes Championship History Accomplishments
X-23 Berserker Rage (Christo)
Trish Maximum Voltage (Inverted Stomp Facebreaker)
Nina Williams Hunting Swan (Spinning Neckbreaker) 1x Breakouts Champion First and only Breakouts Champion
Poison Poison Kiss (Long Kiss Goodnight)
She-Hulk She Hulk Slam (Two Handed Chokeslam)
Spider Woman Spider Sense (Throwback)
Samus Samusfaction (Stratusfaction)
Zelda ZDT (DDT)

Kymontra Hyman (Co-Owner, Founder, and Warzone Play-by-Play Commentator)
Kristy Jackson (Warzone Color Commentator)
Deion Phillips (Co-Owner, Founder, and Adrenaline Play-by-Play Commentator)
Nicki Minaj (Adrenaline Color Commentator)
Katy Perry (Warzone Ring Announcer)
Cameron Diaz (Adrenaline Ring Announcer)

GWF Championships[]

GWF Championship: Android 17

Adrenaline World Championship: Albert Wesker

GWF Ultimate One Championship: Alucard

GWF Icon Championship: Pit

GWF World Tag Team Championships: The Deadly Alliance

GWF No Gravity Championship: Space Ghost

GWF Breakouts Championship: Nina Williams


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