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Mark Maverick is an e-fed superstar currently signed to CWA.

"Marvelous" Mark Maverick

Cyber Wrestling Alliance (2020)[]

In May 2020, Maverick was announced as one of the thirty-two male superstars signed to new upstart e-Fed, CWA. For Maverick's first few appearances, he was teaming with Nick Fairburn and being managed by Robert Stone. However, at CWA: Gold Rush, after losing in the Tag Team Turmoil match to become the first CWA World Tag Team Champions, Maverick would shove past Fairburn and Stone, and head to the back with Brian Zane. After Gold Rush, Fairburn and Stone were released by CWA.

In Wrestling[]

Finishing Moves[]


  • 917 (2020 - )
  • Marvelous Maneuver (2020 - )



  • Robert Stone
  • "The Influencer" Brian Zane



  • "Marvelous"

Entrance Themes[]


  • "My World" by Dale Oliver (2020 - )