NXT-X Grand Slam was the fourth PPV event produced by Crossverse federation NXT-X. It served as Season 1's finale. The main event was a Sami Zayn vs. Alex Riley in a Ladder match for the NXT-X Championship. This was the first annual Grand Slam event.

NXT-X Grand Slam
Promotion NXT-X
Brand(s) NXT-X Xplosion

NXT-X Excite

Date 4/30/14
Venue IZOD Centre
City East Rutherford, New Jersey
Theme song "Live To Rise" by Soundgarden
Last Event NXT-X Trial By Combat
Next Event One Night Only: Champions Choice

Card[edit | edit source]

Tag Team match:

Angelo Dawkins & Danny Burch vs. The Congregation (Walter Scott & Mason Ryan) (w/ Kyjack Necro and Conor O'Brian)

Tag Team match - NXT-X Tag Team Championships:

The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan & Luke Harper) © (w/ Bray Wyatt) vs. Los Luchadores (Sin Límites & El Phoenix Negro)

Four Corners Elimination Tag Team match - Sirens Tag Team Championships:

Erika Payton & Willa Kruger © vs. Sasha Banks & Mary Valkyrie vs. The Syndicate (Mindy Ann & Shelley Cons) vs. Emma & Lexi Kaufman

Six Man Tag Team match:

NY Connection (The Big O, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins) (w/ Becky Bayless) vs. Rick Victor & British Ambition (Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville)

Triple Threat match:

Payne vs. Shiva vs. Roxxi Laveaux

Singles match - Pan Handle Championship:

Zema Ion © vs. Broderick Wyatt (w/ Bray Wyatt)

Last Siren Standing match - Sirens Championship:

Shaul Guerrero © vs. Elise Angel

Hardcore Over The Top Rope Battle Royal - Hardcore Championship:

Bray Wyatt vs. Nick Nitro vs. Raven vs. Kyjack Necro vs. Killer Ken vs. Conor O'Brian

Ladder match - NXT-X Championship:

Alex Riley © vs. Sami Zayn

Results[edit | edit source]

# Results Stipulations
PS The Congregation (w/ Conor O'Brian and Kyjack Necro) def. Danny Burch and Angelo Dawkins by DQ Tag Team match
1 The Wyatt Family © (w/ Bray Wyatt) def. Los Luchdores Tag Team match for the NXT-X Tag Team Championships
2 Emma and Lexi Kaufman last eliminated Sasha Banks and Mary Valkyrie Four Corners Tag Team Elimination match for the Sirens Tag Team Championships
3 NY Connection (w/ Becky Bayless) def. Rick Victor & British Ambition Six Man Tag Team match
4 Shiva def. Roxxi Laveaux Singles match
5 Broderick Wyatt (w/ Bray Wyatt) def. Zema Ion © Singles match for the Pan Handle Championship
6 Shaul Guerrero © def. Elise Angel Last Siren Standing match for the Sirens Championship
7 Elle West def. Shaul Guerrero © Singles match for the Sirens Championship
8 Raven last eliminated Killer Ken Hardcore Over The Top Rope Battle Royal to crown the first Hardcore Champion
9 Sami Zayn def. Alex Riley © Ladder match for the NXT-X Championship

Miscellanious Facts[edit | edit source]

  • PS- Payne interfered and attacked Walter Scott
  • 2- Order of Elimination: Willa Kruger and Erika Payton by Shelley Cons of The Syndicate, The Syndicate by Sasha Banks after pinning Mindy Ann
  • 4- Payne was meant to be in this match but was pulled from the match after a vicious assault by Paige on the Pre-Show
  • 4- Awesome Kong made her NXT-X debut after the match and attacked Shiva
  • 7- Elle West cashed in her guarenteed title shot from winning the Mae Young Tribute Battle Royal
  • 8- Order of Elimination: Conor O'Brian by Kyjack Necro, Nick Nitro by Bray Wyatt, Kyjack Necro by Killer Ken, Bray Wyatt by Raven
  • 8- Raven announced a 24/7 rule on the Hardcore Championship
  • 9- WWE-X Hall of Famer Howard Finkel served as Special Guest Ring Announcer
Talent Role
Dawn Marie and Sable Excite Commentary Team
Jonathan Coachman and Scott Stanford Xplosion Commentary Team
Karen Jarrett Excite General Manager
Eric Bischoff Xplosion General Manager
William Regal Eric Bischoff's Assistant
Eden Excite Ring Announcer
Tony Chimel Xplosion Ring Announcer
Howard Finkel Special Guest Ring Announcer for the Main Event
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