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NXT-X Xplosion (mainly known as Xplosion) was a professional wrestling e-Fed program that aired on the e-Fed ForumZone. The show debuted on July 6, 2013. 

NXT-X Xplosion



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NXT-X Xplosion Roster

Opening Theme

"Humanomoly" by Peroxwhy?gen

No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes

52 (as of 11/25/14)

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Original Run

July 2013 - November 2014

Since it's first episode NXT-X Xplosion has been posted soley on the e-Fed ForumZone.


NXT-X Xplosion Intro

NXT-X Xplosion opening titantron (created by SCAW forum user V-Pac)


NXT-X (2013)[]

Beginning as simply NXT-X, the program aired it's first episode on July 6, 2013. It aired on the e-Fed ForumZone. NXT-X originated from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, and had a new show posted every week.

Scott Stanford and William Regal were the original commentators/hosts of the show. Stanford keeps his role as commentator/host but with Jonathan Coachman instead of Regal.

On the first episode it was revealed that Eric Bischoff would be the General Manager for the show, a role he still has today.

Xplosion (2013 - )[]

NXT-X Xplosion logo

On the 24th episode of NXT-X (the first episode after the Christmas hiatus) it was revealed that the show had been given a new name. The name was revealed to be Xplosion. The name change was welcomed warmly from NXT-X fans. Xplosion would continue to air until after Season 2's One Night Only: Great American Bash where a 32-Man Single Elimination Tournament would air in Xplosion's place until the Finals. There will be two episodes of Xplosion before Season 2's Rage in the Cage event.

Championships and Accomplishments[]


Championship Name Current Champion Event Won Previous Champion Notes
NXT-X World Heavyweight Championship Raven NXT-X Rage in the Cage (Season 2) Alex Riley This was a Triple Threat Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match also involving Killer Ken
NXT-X Pan Handle Championship Kassius Ohno One Night Only: Champions Choice Broderick Wyatt This was a Last Man Standing Match
NXT-X Hardcore Championship Lewis Rivers Xplosion #50 David Hart Smith
NXT-X World Tag Team Championships Aces & Eights (Knux/Doc Gallows) Xplosion #49 The BroMans (Robbie E/Jessie Godderz) This was a Triple Threat Tag Team Match also involving the NY Connection (Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder)


Accomplishment Current Winner Event Previous Winner
Combat Trial Match winner Sami Zayn Trial By Combat N/A
NXT-X Tournament Raven and Killer Ken Xplosion #44 N/A

On-Air Personalities[]

The show features various on-air personalites including the wrestlers themselves, ring announcers, commentators and on-screen authority figures.


Name Finisher(s) Accomplishments Notes
Adam Rose

Party Foul

Exotic Express

1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Aiden English

The Artiste Splash

Director's Cut

Alex Riley You're Dismissed! 2x NXT-X World Heavyweight Champion
Bo Dallas Bolightenment 1x NXT-X Pan Handle Champion Formerly known as Broderick Wyatt
Bray Wyatt Sister Abigail Leader of The Wyatt Family
Camacho Running Samoan Drop
Carlito Back Stabber 1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Corey Graves

Steel City Slaughter

Lucky 13

1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Curt Hawkins

Heat Seeking Elbow

Laugh Riot

Member of The NY Connection
David Hart Smith Bulldog Bomb 1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion Member of The Legacy
David Otunga

The Verdict

The Honor Roll

1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Desmond Wolfe

Tower of London

London's Lariat

Doc Gallows


Gallows Pole

1x NXT-X World Tag Team Champion (w/ Knux) - current
Erick Rowan Greetings From The North 1x NXT-X World Tag Team Champion (w/ Luke Harper)

Member of The Wyatt Family

First NXT-X World Tag Team Champion

Garett Bischoff Bisch Driver 1x Impact-X Tag Team Champion (w/ Wes Brisco) Member of The Legacy

Shattered Dreams

Gold Rush

Goliath House of Pain Member of The Congregation
Jesse Neal Military Bomb
Jessie Godderz Party Stopper

1x NXT-X World Tag Team Champion (w/ Robbie E)

1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion

Jimmy Jacobs

Age of the Fall

Contra Code

Jinder Mahal Punjabi Clutch
Joe Hennig PerfectPlex

1x NXT-X Pan Handle Champion

1x ASCW World Champion

Joey Ryan Mustache Ride 1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
JTG Da Shout Out 1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Kassius Ohno

Ohno Blade


1x NXT-X Pan Handle Champion - current

1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion


Game Over

Busakiku Knee Kick

Go 2 Sleep

Inactive; Yet To Debut
Killer Ken

Killer Kick

Slice ‘N Dice

1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Knux Knux Out 1x NXT-X World Tag Team Champion (w/ Doc Gallows) - current

Fall Of Man


1x NXT-X World Heavyweight Champion

First NXT-X World Heavyweight Champion

Member of The Congregation

Kyjack Necro Flashbang

Member of The Congregation

Lance Hoyt

Dark Days

Texas Tower Bomb

3x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Lewis Rivers

Spirit Bomb

Lighning Blade

1x Impact-X Xplosion Champion

3x NXT-X Hardcore Champion - current

Luke Harper Truckstop 1x NXT-X World Tag Team Champion (w/ Erick Rowan)

Member of The Wyatt Family

First NXT-X World Tag Team Champion

Percy Watson


Showtime Splash


Even Flow DDT

Raven Effect

3x NXT-X Hardcore Champion

1x NXT-X World Heavyweight Champion - current

First NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Robbie E

Shore Thing

Fresh To Death

1x NXT-X World Tag Team Champion (w/ Jessie Godderz)
Ryan Knight

Knight Lock


1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Sami Zayn Helluva Kick

1x Combat Trial winner (2014)

1x NXT-X World Heavyweight Champion

Shannon Moore



1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Simon Gotch Gentleman's Clutch
Ted DiBiase, Jr.

Dream Street

Dream Crusher

Million Dollar Dream

The Big O



Member of The NY Connection
Titus O'Neil Clash of the Titus
Tyler Breeze Beauty Shot
Ultimó Dragon

Dragon Sleeper

Asai DDT

Asai Moonsault

Vacant No Vacancy 2x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Walter Scott


Silver Lining

1x WWE-X Tag Team Champion (w/ Dylan Jamieson)

4x NXT-X Hardcore Champion

Leader of The Congregation

Wes Brisco Brisco Roll 1x Impact-X Tag Team Champion (w/ Garett Bischoff) Member of The Legacy
Zack Ryder

Rough Ryder

Zack Attack

Member of The NY Connection
Zema Ion

Submission Impossible

From Lust to Dust

1x NXT-X Pan Handle Champion

1x Impact-X X Division Champion

Authority Figures[]

Authority Figure Position Date Started Date Finished Notes
Edge NXT-X Owner July 5, 2014 Present
Eric Bischoff Co-General Manager September 7, 2014 Present

Served as the General Manager from July 6, 2013 - September 7, 2014

William Regal Co- General Manager September 7, 2014 Present

Former Xplosion Commentator

Served as Assistant to the General Manager from November 25, 2013 - September 7, 2014


Commentators Dates Notes
Scott Standford and William Regal July 6, 2013 - August 17, 2013
Scott Stanford and Renee Young August 24, 2013 William Regal was absent from the broadcast; revealed to have been kidnapped by The Wyatt Family when he returned
Scott Stanford and William Regal August 31, 2013 - September 6, 2013 Regal was fired after losing a match
Scott Stanford and Jonathan Coachman September 6, 2013 - present Coach filled in for Regal who had a match, he became the permanent replacement after Regal was fired
Jonathan Coachman and Ted DiBiase, Sr. September 7, 2014 Stanford was absent due to a family emergency

Ring Announcers[]

Ring Announcer Dates Notes
Tony Chimel July 6, 2013 - Spetember 7, 2014
Howard Finkel April 30, 2014 Guest Ring Announcer for the Main Event of Grand Slam
Michael Buffer September, 2014 - Present

Theme Music[]

Theme Song Dates
"One Step Closer" by Linkin Park Februrary 14, 2014-  June 2, 2014
"Humanomoly" by Peroxwhy?gen June 7, 2014 - November 25, 2014