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Acronym New TNA
Establishment 2011
Owner(s) Deion Phillips
Staff Hulk Hogan
Dixie Carter
Formerly {{{formerly}}}

New TNA or New Total Nonstop Action is a E-Fed league loosely based off the real life Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling company. It was created by E-Fed Superstar Deion Phillips under the basis of attempting to rebook the real life TNA his own way and improving it. Deion would then change the league's look so that it would suit the style of TNA to an extent, bringing in familiar names such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and many others, while also adding some fresh new faces that were either somewhat known or completely unknown to the E-Fed world, such as Kyle4000, Bryce Kanyon, Walter Scott, Keith Austin, Alex the Superstar, Jason Russo, etc.

New TNA started its' run on E-Fed ForumZone but now its' exclusively on WWE Universe Forum Zones. Some of the roster members got their names change due to using other attires from other leagues and different kind of reasons as well. Now, New TNA is one of the biggest E-Fed Leagues today. No its not. It shut down shortly after moving just like everything else on that forum. New TNA wasnt shit.

Current Roster[]

Name Alignment Finisher Height Weight New TNA Accomplishments
A.J. Styles Face Styles Clash, 450 Splash 5'11" 215
Abyss Heel Black Hole Slam, Shock Treatment 6'8" 350
Alex Shelley Face Shellshock, Misty Flip/Sliced Bread #2 5'10" 215
Bobby Roode Heel Pay-Off, Wall Street Crash 6' 040
Christopher Daniels Face Angel's Wings, Best Moonsault Ever 6' 224
Chris Sabin Face Cradle Shock 5'10" 205
D'Angelo Dinero Face D.D.E. 6'0" 220
Douglas Williams Heel Chaos Theory, Tornado DDT 6' 235
James Storm Heel Last Call Superkick, Eye of the Storm 6' 230
Jeff Hardy Face Twist of Fate, Swanton Bomb 6'2" 215
Kurt Angle Face Angle Slam, Anklelock 6' 240
Kyle Jones Heel Kyle Cutter, Kyle Stunner
Magnus Heel Mag Daddy Driver, Tormentum 6'3" 240
Matt Morgan Heel Carbon Footprint 7' 320
Mr. Anderson Heel Mic Check, Green Bay Plunge 6'2" 243
Rob Van Dam Face Five Star Frog Splash 6' 265
Samoa Joe Face Muscle Buster 6'2" 280
Sting Face Scorpion Death Drop, Scorpion Death Lock 6'2" 250