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Prodigy Wrestling Association or PWA is an fantasy wrestling e-Fed appearing on the WWE Universe Mode Forums. It is run by user Lewis Rivers (formerly known as The Prodigy).


Name: Finisher(s): Championship History: Notes:
Angry Video Game Nerd Codebreaker (Stunner)
Asura Mantra Awakening (White Noise), Unleashed Anger (Hell's Gate)
Broly Omega Blaster (Hellavator)
Cody Travers Jailbreak (STF), Last Dread Dust (Gut Check)
Geese Howard Raging Storm (WMD Driver)
Guy Youngblood Bushin Izuna Otoshi (Chaos Theory Suplex)
Iori Yagami Maiden Masher (Screwdriver/SSD), Blood Riot (GTS)
Johnny Cage Shadow Kick (Super Kick), Box Office Smash (Codebreaker)
Kakashi Hatake Lightning Blade (Clothesline From Hell), 1000 Years of Death (Pedigree)
Kazuya Mishima Devil Gene (Tombstone Piledriver), Punt Kick
Ken Masters Hurricane Kick (Buzzsaw Kick), Ken Masters Lock (Masterlock)
Kenshiro North Star Slam (TKO), Hokuto Hangover (Shooting Star Leg Drop)
Kevin Mask Tower Bridge (Torture Rack), Big Ben Bash (Reverse Death Valley), Robin Special (Reverse Frankensteiner)


Muscle Buster
Kyo Kusanagi Trinity One (Cobra Clutch Suplex), Way of 182 (Cradle Shock)
M. Bison Nightmare Booster (Jackhammer), Psycho Punisher (Two Handed Chokebomb)
Magneto Shockwave (Dominator), Magnetic Storm Crash (Cobra Clutch Bomb)
Majin Buu Majin Awakening (Burning Hammer)
Nightwing Night Wings (Angels Wings), Turning of the Night (Testdrive)
Optimus Prime The Rollout (Atomic Leg Drop), Optimus Splash (Warrior Splash), Transform Slam (Wasteland)
Ryu Hurricane Kick (Buzzsaw Kick), Satsu no Hado (Tazzmission)
Sagat Tiger Driver, Tiger Suplex
Sasuke Uchiha Amaterasu (Styles Clash), Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan (Shirainui)
Scorpian Bloody Spear (Spear), Netherrealm Driver (Rikishi Driver)
Shredder Slice n' Dice (RKO)
Sub-Zero Frostbite (Anaconda Vice), Cold Shoulder (Shoulder Jawbreaker),
Terry Bogard Buster Wolf (Vertebreaker), Power Geyser (Edgecution)
Vega Beautiful Disaster, Flying Barcelona Special (619), Pain from Spain (Haas of Pain)
Viewtiful Joe Max Speed (Corkscrew Moonsault), Henshin-a-Go-Go (Snapmare Driver)
Yasha Wind Fang (F-5)
Yosuke Hanamura Brave Blade (Crossface)
Yu Narukami Myriad Truths (Angle Slam), Cross Slash (Cross Rhodes)

Title History:[]

Name: Current Champion: Date Won: Reign:
PWA Heavyweight Championship
PWA Tag Team Championship
PWA Heritage Heavyweight Championship

Mega Events:[]

January: Eve of Destruction (Live from Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center) Febraury: Bloody Valentine (Live from Philadelphia, PA at the Wachovia Center) March: Master of the Mat (Live from Miami, FL at the Orange Bowl) (King of the Ring RPV) April: Genesis (Live from London, England at the 02 Arena) May: Majority Rules (Live from New Orleans, LA at the Superdome) (Fans choose stipulations RPV) June: Injustice (Live from Oklahoma City, OK at the Chesapeake Energy Arena) July: Patriotic Punishment (Live from Washington, DC at the Verizon Center) August: Heatstroke (Live from Los Angeles, CA at the LA Memorial Coliseum) September: Wreckless Warzone (Live from Glendale, AZ at the University of Phoenix Stadium) (Royal Rumble RPV) October: Showcase of Stars (Live from Arlington, TX at Cowboys Stadium) (Wrestlemania RPV) November: Deadly Games (Live from Las Vegas, NV at the Thomas and Mack Center) (Spin the Wheel RPV) December: Chase for the Case (Live from Tuscaloosa, AL at the Bryant-Denny Stadium) (MITB RPV)