PWX (Professional Wrestling Xtreme) is a wrestling e-Fed created by Jamo, that is posted on the SCAW Forumzone.

Professional Wrestling Xtreme
PWX Logo.jpg
Acronym PWX
Establishment 2014
Owner(s) Jamo
Staff Russell Hantz (Play-By-Play Commentator); William Regal (Color Commentator); Rove McManus (Backstage Interviewer); Jenna Haze (Backstage Interviewer); Renee Young (Backstage Interviewer); Jason Albert (Backstage Interviewer)
Formerly Walter Scott (Promo Writer)

PWX Logo

Roster[edit | edit source]

Male wrestlers[edit | edit source]

Name Finisher Championship History Notes
Adam Rose Party Foul (Snapmare Driver) 1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion Also competes in CWF
Bram Lifting DDT Also competes in CWF
Carl Johnson San Andreas Fault (Pedigree)
Casey Jones Goongala Driver (Omega Driver) 1x DWA Tag Team Champion (w/ HK-47) Also competes in GWA & DWA
Christopher Daniels

Last Rites (Rolling Cutter); BME - Best Moonsault Ever (Double Jump Diving Moonsault)

Member of Bad Influence

Chucky Child's Play (Figure 4 Leg Lock) Inactive; Yet to Debut
Corey Graves Lucky 13 (Leglock)

3x NXT-X Hardcore Champion

1x PWX World Heavyweight Champion

Also commentator for CWF Riot!; First PWX World Heavyweight Champion
Crazzy Steve Crazzy Driver (Texas Piledriver)


D.O.A. - Dead On Arrival (Leg Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb)

Member of The Suicide Squad; Also competes in RWA (rarely)


The Contract Kill (Texas Cloverleaf)

1x RWA Internet Champion 

3x RWA Champion

Member of The Suicide Squad; Also competes in RWA

Dr. Doom

Doctor Bomb (Gutwrench Powerbomb)

1x RWA World Heavyweight Champion

Also competes in RWA

Eric Young

Spike Piledriver; Diving Elbow Drop

Frankie Kazarian

Fade To Black (Kneeling Belly-To-Back Piledriver)

Member of Bad Influence

Green Arrow

Triple P - Pin Point Precision (Snap Neckbreaker)

Also competes in RWA


To Hell and Back (Steiner Screwdriver)

Hurricane Helms

Shining Wizard; Eye of the Hurricane (Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop)

Jack Swagger

Patriot Lock (Ankle Lock)

Also competes in CWF

Jerry Lawler

Diving Fist Drop; Piledriver

WWE-X Hall of Famer

Jimmy King

The Crowning (Double Axe Handle)

1x PWX United States Champion

Joseph Park

Closing Argument (Diving Splash)

Lewis Rivers

EoE - End of Everything (Tombstone Piledriver); Double Jeopardy (Koji Clutch)

3x NXT-X Hardcore Champion

1x Impact-X Xplosion Champion

1x PWX World Tag Team Champion (w/ Walter Scott)

1x CWF Zero-G Champion

Member of the 2 Sick Syndicate; Also competes in CWF; First PWX World Tag Team Champion; First CWF Zero-G Champion

Liam Neeson Celtic Boot (Discus Big Boot); Brogue Kick (Bicycle Kick) Inactive; Yet to Debut

Mancha De Sangre

Headshot (Meat Hook Clothesline)

Marshall Von Erich

Von Erich Claw (Iron Claw)

Member of VE 3G

Marty Jannetty

Rocker Dropper (Wrist-Lock Leg Drop Bulldog)

Member of The Rockers

Quinton Jackson

Kimura Lock; Rampage Slam (F5)

Ross Von Erich

Von Erich Claw (Iron Claw)

Member of VE 3G

Shawn Michaels

Sweet Chin Music (Super Kick)

Member of The Rockers

Sycho Sid

Release Powerbomb


Head Opener (Crossface)

1x PWX United States Champion First PWX United States Champion

Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer Driver (Death Valley Driver); Dream-DT (DDT)

Walter Scott

Sweet Dreams (Double Chicken Wing Gutbuster); Spear

4x NXT-X Hardcore Champion

1x PWX World Tag Team Champion (w/ Lewis Rivers)

Member of the 2 Sick Syndicate; Also competes in DWA, GWA, RWA & CWF


Twist of Fate (Front Facelock dropped into a Cutter); Willow in the Wind (Whisper in the Wind)

The Winter Soldier

Sounds of Winter (Curb Stomp)

Female wrestlers[edit | edit source]

Name Finishers Championship History Notes
Aqua Spell Weaver (Anaconda Vice)
Harley Quinn No Laughing Matter (Hangman's Facebuster); Laughing Stock (Argentine Powerbomb)

Also competes in RWA and GWA

Lacey Von Erich

Von Erich Claw (Iron Claw)

Member of VE 3G

Madison Rayne

Rayne Check (Guillotine Drop); Rayne Drop (Inverted Overdrive)


Payne Maker (Candaian Destroyer); No Payne, No Gain (Scorpion Cross Lock)

1x NXT-X Sirens Champion

Also competes in the Crossverse; Also Half-Sister of Sykotik

Sasha Banks

Bank Statement (Crossface preceeded by a Backstabber); Bankrupt (Straight Jacket Neckbreaker Slam)

1x NXT-X Sirens Tag Team Champion (w/ Mary Valkyrie)


Syko Punisher (Reverse F5); Mental Distortion (Mandible Claw)

Also Half-Sister of Payne

Tenille Tenille Lock (Muta Lock) 1x NXT-X Sirens Tag Team Champion (w/ Alexa Bliss) Formerly known as Emma

Tag Teams/Stables[edit | edit source]

Name Members Championship History Notes
2 Sick Syndicate

Lewis Rivers

Walter Scott

1x PWX World Tag Team Champions First PWX World Tag Team Champions
Bad Influence

Christopher Daniels

Frankie Kazarian

The Rockers

Marty Jannetty

Shawn Michaels

The Suicides Squad




Lacey Von Erich

Marshall Von Erich

Ross Von Erich

Other on-air personnel[edit | edit source]

Name Role Notes
The Bunny Mascot of Adam Rose 1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion
Kevin Von Erich Manager of VE 3G
Pain Mascot of Hades
Panic Mascot of Hades
Paul Heyman Manager of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Also CWF Riot! General Manager
Zeb Colter Manager of Jack Swagger

Broadcast team[edit | edit source]

Name Role Notes
Jason Albert Backstage Interviewer Also commentator for CWF Riot!
Jenna Haze Backstage Interviewer
Mick Foley Color Commentator for PWX Prime Time
Mike Tenay Play-By-Play Commentator for PWX Prime Time
Noah Levinstein Ring Announcer for PWX Prime Time
Renee Young Backstage Interviewer
Rove McManus Backstage Interviewer
Russell Hantz Play-By-Play Commentator for PWX Smackdown!
Tony Chimmel Ring Announcer for PWX Smackdown! Also Ring Announcer for CWF Havok
William Regal Color Commentator for PWX Smackdown!

Authority Figures[edit | edit source]

Name Role Notes
Dylan "Jamo" Jamieson Owner
Eric Bischoff General Manager of Smackdown!
John Laurinatis General Manager of Prime Time

Championships and Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Current Champions[edit | edit source]

Name Current Champion Date Won Event Notes
PWX World Heavyweight Championship Corey Graves 1/8/15 PWX ArRIVAL This was a 20 man Gauntlet for the Gold
PWX United States Championship Jimmy King 2/13/15 PWX Smackdown This was a Triple Threat match also involving Willow
PWX Sirens Championship Lili Rochefort 1/8/15 PWX ArRIVAL Rochefort is not apart of the PWX Roster; This was won during a 20 Siren Gauntlet for the Gold (that also included GWA, DWA, RWA and NDW)
PWX World Tag Team Championships 2 Sick Syndicate (Lewis Rivers and Walter Scott) 1/8/15 PWX ArRIVAL This was a Tag Team Turmoil match also including: VE 3G, Grove Street Families, The Bash Brothers, The Suicide Squad, The NY Connection, The Rockers and Bad Influence

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Accomplishment Latest Winner Date won Notes
Lethal Lottery
King of the Mountain
Ultimate Sacrifice

Mega Events[edit | edit source]

2015[edit | edit source]

Date Name Venue City Main Event Theme Song
1/8/15 PWX ArRIVAL Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, NY 20 Man Gauntlet for the Gold to crown the first ever PWX World Heavyweight Champion "New Day Coming" by CFO$
2015 PWX Sacrifice Bridgestone Arena Nashville, TN Ultimate Sacrifice match "Come On" by Waterproof Blonde
2015 PWX Purgatory Consol Energy Center Pittsburgh, PA "Something To Die For" by The Sounds
2015 PWX Lethal Lottery Sprint Center Kansas City, MO Lethal Lottery match "World Belongs To Me" by My Darkest Days
2015 PWX King of the Mountain Staples Center Los Angeles, CA "My World" by Dale Oliver
2015 PWX Starrcade United Center Chicago, IL "Every Other Day" by Peroxwhy?gen
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