The PWX Sirens Championship is an e-Fed wrestling championship in PWX. This title is the sole championship for the Sirens division in the promotion.

PWX Sirens Championship
Lili Rochefort
Date won PWX ArRIVAL
(aired 1/8/15)
Promotion PWX
Date introduced 12/9/14

Reigns[edit | edit source]

The inaugural champion was NDW's Emillie De Rochefort. There has been one reign.

The PWX Sirens Championship

The current champion is Lili Rochefort, who is in her first reign, she won a 20 Siren Gauntlet for the Gold to crown the first champion on January 8, 2015 at PWX ArRIVAL.

Title History[edit | edit source]

Champion Reign Date Days Held Location Event Notes
Lili Rochefort 1 January 8, 2015 36 + Uniondale, NY PWX ArRIVAL Lili was an entrant from NDW in the Gauntlet for the Gold
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