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RWA (Rage Wrestling Association) is an e-fed that started in 2010 in the SCAW forums by Forum member rageahollic33.


Name Brand Accomplishments
Goku Super Rage RWA Champion , 2014 Emperor of the Ring
Deadpool Beatdown 3 time World Heavyweight Champion , 2011 Emperor of the Ring, 2011 Ragefest Rumble winner
Dan Hibiki Super Rage Extreme Champion
Danny Phantom Beatdown 3 time RWA Champion , Tag Team Champion , RWA Extreme Champion, RWA Internet Champion, RWA Intercontinental Champion , 2013 Ragefest Rumble winner.
Mario Super Rage 2 time RWA Tag Team Champion
Luigi Super Rage 2 time RWA Tag Team Champion
Marth Beatdown RWA Tag Team Champion, RWA Premier 1 Champion
Zelda Super Rage RWA Vixen's Champion, RWA Women's Champion
Lara Croft Beatdown RWA Women's Champion
Alex Star Super Rage Super Rage General Manager, No Limit Champion, Tag Team Champion, Internet Champion, World Heavyweight Champion
The Rock Beatdown Beatdown General Manager
Jace Super Rage RWA Champion, 2014 Ragefest Rumble Winner, RWA Extreme Champion, RWA Intercontinetal Champion
Walter Scott Beatdown former Beatdown General Manager, RWA Tag Team Champion, RWA American Heavyweight Champion, RWA Internet Champion, RWA No Limit Champion
Batman Super Rage 2 time RWA Champion, RWA Undisputed Champion.
Mike Cross Beatdown Member of the Necromongers
Eren Yeager Super Rage RWA Champion
Ultron Beatdown
Dan Phantom Super Rage
Frank West Beatdown member of the Necromongers

Current Champions[]

Championships Champion(s) Previous Date Won
RWA Championship Goku Natsu Dragneel April 22, 2015
World Heavyweight Championship (RWA) Deadpool Nightwing March 29, 2015
RWA Intercontinental Championship Danny Phantom Shulk May 5, 2015
RWA Extreme Championship 005 Dan Hibiki June 6, 2015
RWA Tag Team Championships The Bullet Bill Club
Mario and Luigi
The Flash and Green Arrow
April 22, 2015
RWA Women's Championship Power Girl Lara Croft May 31, 2015
RWA Vixen's Championship Cassie Cage Zelda June 26, 2015
RWA Premier 1 Championship Kyo Kusanagi Marth May 31, 2015

Retired and inactive championships[]

Championship Last Champion(s) Previous Date Won
Undisputed RWA Championship Marcus Fenix Bart Simpson November 29, 2012
RWA No Limit Championship Walter Scott Bart Simpson N/A
RWA Internet Champion Fandango
RWA American Heavyweight Champion Fandango

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