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Bad Blood[]

RWA Bad Blood
RWA Bad Blood Poster.jpg
Promotion Rage Wrestling Association
Brand(s) RWA Rampage and Shockwave
Date April 28, 2011
Venue Phillips Arena
City Atlanta, GA
Theme song "Bad Blood" by Escape the Fate
Last Event RWA Total Lockdown
Next Event RWA Heatwave

Barb Wired Brawl for the RWA Championship: Red Hood (c) vs. Joker

Street Fight for the World Heavyweight Championship: Dr. Doom (c) vs. Kyle4000

Total Warfare Match: Team RWA (Danny Jackpot, Ironman, M. Shadows, & Inuyasha) vs. Experiment (Lex Luthor, Optimus Prime, Marcus Fenix, & Anti-Venom)

Electric Steel Cage Match for the RWA Internet Championship: Alex the Superstar (c) vs. Spider-Man

Inferno Match: Batman vs. Uruk-Hai

Hardcore Match: Spawn vs. Anti-Flash

No Holds Barred Match: Captain America vs. Skeletor

Best Out of 7 Falls Match: Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan

Green Lantern vs. Dark Link

TLC Match for the RWA Tag Team Championships: All That Remains (c) vs. X-Men vs. Bane and Juggernaut

Mix Tag Team Match: The Scotts vs. The Simpsons (If Simpsons win, Bart gets a title shot at Heatwave but if Scotts win, Bart doesn't get a title shot as long as Walter is champion)

Triple Threat Match for the RWA Women's Championship: Christie Monteiro (c) vs. Cammy vs. Starfire

Women's Gauntlet Match: Samus vs. Kitana vs. Pan vs. Blackfire vs. Fang vs. Miranda Lawson vs. Black Canary


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Kratos defeated Zach Starr No. 1 Contender's Match for the RWA Championship
1 Team RWA (Danny Jackpot, Ironman, M. Shadows, & Inuyasha) defeated Experiment (Lex Luthor, Optimus Prime, Marcus Fenix, & Anti-Venom) Total Warfare Match
2 All That Remains (c) defeated X-Men and Bane & Juggernaut TLC Match for the RWA Tag Team Championships
3 Red Hood (c) defeated The Joker Barb Wired Brawl Match for the RWA Championship
4 Samus defeated Blackfire, Black Canary, Fang, Miranda Lawson, Kitana and Pan Women's Gauntlet Match
5 Daniel Bryan defeated Kurt Angle Best Out of 7 Falls Match
6 Cammy defeated Christie Monteiro (c) and Starfire Triple Threat Match for the RWA Women's Championship
7 Bart & Lisa Simpson defeated Walter & Tania Scott Mixed Tag Team Match (The Simpsons win, Bart get a title shot at Heatwave)
8 Dark Link defeated Green Lantern Singles Match
9 Captain America defeated Skeletor No Holds Barred Match
10 Anti-Flash defeated Spawn Hardcore Match
11 Uruk-Hai defeated Batman Inferno Match
12 Alex the Superstar (c) defeated Spider-Man Electric Cage Match for the RWA Internet Championship
13 Dr. Doom (c) defeated Kyle4000 Street Fight for the RWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • 1 - Kenshin attack Inuyasha with a steel chair and hit the Samurai X Driver on him.
  • 2 - Juggernaut turn his back on Bane after the match because Juggernaut thinks that Bane sell him out.
  • 3 - Kratos attack Red Hood and sent him through a barb wired table.
  • 7 - FZW's KyHy interfered and nail the Final Touch on Walter when the ref got distracted due to the brawl on the outside between Lisa and Tania.
  • 8 - Nightwing made his in-ring and beat the hell out of Dark Link. He then announced that it will be him vs. Dark Link at Heatwave in a Trip to Oblivion.
  • 9 - Cobra Commander try to interfered in the match but Guile stop him.
  • 12 - Dark Link attack Alex from behind and hit two Dark ZDTs to him.
  • 13 - Lex Luthor try to interfered but it didn't work. But then Optimus Prime gave Dr. Doom a can of mace and Doom use that mace on Kyle. After the match, Doom was gonna give a one man con-chair-to to Kyle but Bruce Lee came out and took him out. Kyle made the announcement that it will be Dr. Doom vs. Bruce Lee for the World Heavyweight Title at Heatwave in a 30 minute ironman match.

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • Gregory Helms came out and cut a promo that he will be the best in RWA and be RWA champion. Then Chazz Michael Michaels ran out and lay a beating on Helms. Michaels was about to hit the Sweet Chazz Music but Helms exited the ring.