Breakout is RWA's equivalent to WWE's NXT except without all the stupid challenges.

We are currently in season 3, the second season was won by Danny Phantom.

The current theme of Breakout is Get Thus This by Art of Dying as the 2nd season theme was Step Up.

The third season of Breakout is much different than the second season. as

The winner will receive a Undisputed RWA Championship shot.

The winner of the women's half will receive a RWA Women's Championship shot.

Here is the list of rookies and pros for this season.

Shadow the Hedgehog (winner) Reaper X Shadow Rush (Combination of Kicks Followed Up with a Side Neckbreaker), Shadow Pulse (Cobra Clutch Facebuster)
Jonah Hex (eliminated) Dark Link N/A
Meta Knight Batman Beyond N/A
Lil Mac Superman Punch Out (Right Hook)
Miroku the Monk (eliminated) Akuma Monk Bottom (Rock Bottom), Peasant's Elbow (People's Elbow), Wind Tunnel (Black Hole Slam)
Noob Saibot Danny Phantom N/A

Stargirl (winner) N/A Double Underhook Suplex
Misty N/A Double Underhook Facebuster
Tifa Lockhart (eliminated) Starfire Final Fantasy (Snap DDT)
Lady Deathstrike Psylocke N/A

Winners[edit | edit source]

winners season
Reptile 1
Danny Phantom 2
Shadow the Hedgehog 3
Stargirl 3
Beast Boy 4
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