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RWA Cybermania
RWA Cybermania Poster.jpg
Promotion Rage Wrestling Association
Brand(s) RWA Rampage & RWA Shockwave
Date December 26, 2010
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York City, NY
Theme song "Living After Midnight" by Judas Priest
"Faint" by Linkin Park
"Scream Aim Fire" by Bullet For My Valentine
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Next Event RWA Redemption

TLC Match for the RWA World Championship: Batman vs. Nightwing

Last Man Standing Match: The Joker vs. Red Hood

Bruce Lee vs. Jet Li - Special Referee: Chuck Norris

No Holds Barred Match: Spawn vs. Kenshin

Five Team Turmoil Match for the RWA Tag Team Championships: Zeo Rangers vs. All That Remains vs. Rorschach and Deadpool vs. Bill & Ted vs. Dumb and Dumber

Boba Fett vs. Spiderman

Open Challenge: Dracula vs. ???

10 Man Rumble Match for the RWA Internet Championship: M. Shadows vs. Green Lantern vs. Nostalgia Critic vs. Megaman vs. Cell vs. Vash the Stampede vs. The Crow vs. Kick Ass vs. Deathstroke vs. Marcus Fenix


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Nathan Drake defeated Alan Wake Singles Match
Preshow Hancock defeated DMX Singles Match
Preshow Miranda Lawson defeated Cammy Singles Match
1 Deathstroke is the winner 10 Man Rumble Match for the vacant RWA Internet Championship
2 Kratos defeated Dracula Open Challenge Match
3 Boba Fett defeated Spiderman Singles Match
4 Zeo Rangers defeated All That Remains, Rorschach and Deadpool, Bill & Ted, and Dumb & Dumber Five Team Turmoil Match for the vacant RWA Tag Team Championships
5 Kenshin Himura defeated Spawn No Holds Barred Match
6 Bruce Lee defeated Jet Li - Special Referee: Chuck Norris Special Referee Match
7 Red Hood defeated The Joker Last Man Standing Match
8 Nightwing defeated Batman TLC Match for the vacant RWA Championship
  • 1 - After Marcus Fenix was eliminated from the match, he came back in the ring and nail M. Shadows with a steel chair. Then later, both men brawled on the outside but it was stopped by security.
  • 2 - Dracula's mystery opponent was none other than the God of War, Kratos. He told him that the match was cancelled by the last second but RWA GM Arnold Schwarzenegger told him that the match is still on.
  • 5 - Kenshin was attack by two hooded men and those hooded men was found out as Vega and Anti Flash.
  • 6 - DMX tried to help Jet Li but he got knock the f*** out by Chuck Norris. After the match, Li and DMX attack both Lee and Norris but Norris and Lee gave them both the Chuck Norris Kick and the Roundhouse Kick.
  • 8 - Destruction (Spawn, Vega and Anti Flash) came to the ring to celebrate with Nightwing. But Spawn hits a clothesline on him. Batman try to help but the numbers was too much. Then Kenshin came in and he, Nightwing and Batman cleaned house. Then all three men celebrated in the ring for Nightwing's historic win.

10 Man Rumble Match Results[]

Draw Entry Order Eliminated by
1 M. Shadows 7 Marcus Fenix
2 Green Lantern 5 Cell
3 Nostalgia Critic 1 Green Lantern
4 Megaman 3 Cell
5 Cell 8 Deathstroke
6 Vash the Stampede 2 Cell
7 The Crow 9 Deathstroke
8 Kick Ass 4 Green Lantern
9 Deathstroke N/A WINNER
10 Marcus Fenix 6 M. Shadows

Five Tag Team Turmoil[]

Draw Entry Order Eliminated by
1 Rorschach and Deadpool 3 All That Remains
2 Dumb and Dumber 1 Rorschach and Deadpool
3 Bill and Ted 2 Rorschach and Deadpool
4 All That Remains 4 Zeo Rangers
5 Zeo Rangers N/A WINNERS

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • Destruction wish Nightwing good luck in his match and Spawn ask him he wants help but Nightwing told him that he want fight his own mentor on his own.