Independence Day[edit | edit source]

RWA Independence Day
RWA Independence Day.png
Promotion Rage Wrestling Association
Brand(s) RWA Rampage and Shockwave
Date July 4, 2011
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City Fort Hood, TX
Theme song "American Made - Hulk Hogan's WCW Theme"
"Amerika" by Rammstein
"Higher" by Creed
Last Event RWA Heatwave
Next Event RWA Summerbash

Monster's Ball Match for the RWA Championship: Gaara (c) vs. Kratos

World Heavyweight Championship: Bruce Lee (c) vs. The Punisher

Extreme Steel Cage Match (If Doom wins, he get control all of RWA but if Keith wins, the Virus crap will never seen or heard from RWA forever): Keith Austin vs. Dr. Doom

Emperor of the Ring Ladder Match: Deadpool vs. Bane

5 on 5 Elimination Falls Count Anywhere Match: Destruction (Spawn, Vega, Johnny Cage, Lance Burton, & Apocalypse) vs. Evillution (Anti Flash, Juggernaut, Megatron, Skeletor, & Mum-Ra)

Parking Lot Brawl: Captain Marvel vs. Batman

Steel Cage Match: Captain America vs. Cobra Commander

Parallax vs. Spiderman

Duke Nukem vs. Marcus Fenix

RWA Internet Title: Nightwing (c) vs. Alex the Superstar

Ultimate X Match: AJ Styles vs. Red Hood

Tag Team Titles Gauntlet Match: All That Remains vs. X-Men vs. Cyber Initiative vs. Zeo Rangers vs. Death Note vs. Justice League

RWA Women's Championship Match: Cammy (c) vs. Blackfire

First Blood Match: Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Inuyasha

RWA American Heavyweight Title Match: Bart Simpson (c) vs. Danny Jackpot

TGO (The Great One) vs. "The Reaper" Brucebatman

Loser Leaves RWA: The Crow vs. Cell

The Incredible Hulk vs. Shao Kahn

Results[edit | edit source]

# Results Stipulations
Preshow Wonder Woman defeated Sylvia Chrystel, Christie Monteiro, Samus, Black Canary, Miranda Lawson, Kitana, Taki, Princess Zelda, Pan, Lisa Simpson, and Harley Quinn Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the No. 1 Contendership for the RWA Women's Championship
Preshow Link defeated Travis Touchdown Singles Match
1 The Incredible Hulk defeated Shao Khan Singles Match
2 The Crow defeated Cell Loser Leaves RWA Match
3 TGO defeated Brucebatman Singles Match
4 "Badass" Bart Simpson (c) defeated Danny Jackpot Singles Match for the RWA American Heavyweight Championship
5 Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Inuyasha Extreme Rules Match
6 Cammy (c) defeated Blackfire Singles Match for the RWA Women's Championship
7 Cyber Initiative defeated All That Remains (c), Death Note, the X-Men, Zeo Rangers, and Justice League Tag Team Gauntlet Match for the RWA Tag Team Championships
8 Red Hood defeated AJ Styles Ultimate X Match
9 Nightwing (c) defeated Alex the Superstar Singles Match for the RWA Internet Championship
10 Duke Nukem defeated Marcus Fenix Singles Match
11 Spiderman defeated Parallax Singles Match
12 Captain America defeated Cobra Commander Steel Cage Match
13 Captain Marvel defeated Batman Parking Lot Brawl
14 Destruction defeated Evilution 5 on 5 Elimination Falls Count Anywhere Match
15 Deadpool defeated Darkseid Emperor of the Ring Ladder Match
16 Keith Austin defeated Dr. Doom Extreme Cage Match (The virus is never seen or heard from RWA forever)
17 The Prince of Persia defeated Bruce Lee (c) and the Punisher Triple Threat Match for the RWA World Heavyweight Championship - Special Enforcer: Cesar
18 Gaara (c) defeated Kratos Monster's Ball Match for the RWA Championship
  • 1 - Goro and Kintaro interfered and attack the Hulk. Then Thor and Ironman came to the ring and helped out their fellow comrade.
  • 3 - Optimus Prime comes out and gives TGO both the Prime Line and Transform Slam.
  • 4 - Bart issued a challenge to anyone to face him at Summerbash. His father, Homer Simpson accept his challenge.
  • 5 - The match was scheduled for a first blood match. Death Note try to interfered but they got knock out by Kenshin. Then out of nowhere, Broly came out and laid out both Kenshin and Inuyasha. Ichigo told the fans once again there is a new member in the ranks of the AWO and his name is Broly.
  • 9 - DWF's Keller join with Kyle for commentary. After the match, Keller told Alex that he had the potential to be world someday and ask him to be a match with him at Summerbash. Alex accept the challenge and the match was signed on for Summerbash.
  • 15 - Evilution try to interfered in the match but Destruction stop them. But then Darkseid interfered and cost Bane the match.
  • 16 - Optimus Prime came to the ring and Doom tells him to attack him. Prime did attack but on his former master due to being free from the Virus.
  • 17 - ROH's Homicide and Cesar both laid out both Bruce Lee and the Punisher. Shockwave GM The Rock added the Prince of Persia into the match.

Five Tag Team Gauntlet[edit | edit source]

Draw Entry Order Eliminated by
1 Justice League 3 Death Note
2 Zeo Rangers 1 Justice League
3 X-Men 2 Justice League
4 Death Note 4 Cyber Initiative
5 Cyber Initiative N/A WINNERS
6 All That Remains 5 Cyber Initiative

Miscellaneous Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Marvel told the fans that earlier on the show, he ended the career of Batman just like he ended the career of Superman. There is no one in that locker room has what it takes to defeat him. Superman's theme plays but Marvel told the fans that Superman is never coming back and he never will. But Superman did came back and Marvel was in shock as he seen a ghost. Superman gave the Speeding Bullet to Marvel and the S5 to Ra's Al Ghul. He toss both of them out of the ring and wave the American Flag in the ring as the fans chanting USA.
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