The RWA Intercontinental Championship is the midcard title for the Beatdown brand. The first ever champion was Fandango now known as Johnny Chaos. The  current champion is Lewis Rivers. Who won the title in a triple threat match at Spring Breakdown 6 on April 4 , 2017. ==

RWA Intercontinental Championship

current holder

Lewis Rivers

last holder

Ultimate Spider-Man

first champion


longest reigning champion

Mike Cross (223 days)

shortest reigning champion

Tim Tebow (37 days)


Intercontinental champinoship by decadeofsmackdownv2-d342ema.png
RWA Intercontinental Championship

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Current Reigning RWA Intercontinental Champion , Lewis Rivers

List of Champions

Title Holders Reigns notes Days held
Fandango (Johnny Chaos) 1x First ever Champion 139
Chris Refield 1x 143
Jace 1x 62
Tim Tebow 1x 37
Captain Falcon 1x Defeated Deathborn for the title at the CYbermania V event . He was supposed to face then reigning champion Tim Tebow. But Tebow suffered a neck Injury was forced not to compete in the match. 41
Zangief 1x 49
Shulk 1x This was an emperor of the ring first round match 41
Danny Phantom 1x 124
Marth 1x  98
Deathstroke 1x 168
Mike Cross 1x  223
Ultimate Spider-Man 1x 99
Lewis Rivers 1x 1
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