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Redemption 2012[]

RWA Redemption 2012
RWA Redemption 2012 Poster.jpg
Promotion Rage Wrestling Association
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Date January 5, 2012
Venue Thomas & Mack Center
City Las Vegas, NV
Theme song "Burning Down the House" by The Used
Last Event RWA Cybermania 2
Next Event RWA Fan Interaction 2K12

Joker vs. The Hooded Man

Nightwing vs. Deathstroke

Alex Star vs. Luke Skywalker

Superman vs. Superman Prime

Gohan vs. Danny Jackpot

RWA American Heavyweight Championship: Kurtis Stryker (c) vs. TGO

RWA Women's Championship: Black Canary (c) vs. Mary Marvel

RWA Extreme Championship: Master Chief (c) vs. Spiderman 2099

Triple Threat Match for the RWA Internet Championship: Ken Brown (c) vs. Walter Scott vs. Green Lantern

RWA Tag Team Championships: Cagepyse (c) vs. Armored Avengers

Al Capone vs. Tony Montana

Prince of Persia vs. LeBron James


# Results Stipulations
1 Prince of Persia defeated LeBron James Flaming Tables Match
2 Walter Scott defeated Ken Brown (c) and Green Lantern Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Match for the RWA Internet Championship
3 Brock Lesnar defeated Green Goblin Chairs Match
4 Al Capone defeated Spiderman Loser Leaves RWA Match
5 Cagepyse (c) defeated Armored Avengers Tornado Tag Match for the RWA Tag Team Championships
6 Danny Jackpot defeated Gohan Singles Match
7 Kurtis Stryker (c) defeated TGO Nightstick on a Pole Match for the RWA American Heavyweight Championship
8 Black Canary (c) defeated Mary Marvel Barbed Wire Brawl for the RWA Women's Championship
9 Harley Quinn defeated Black Canary (c) Singles Match for the RWA Women's Championship
10 Master Chief (c) defeated Spider-Man 2099 Extreme Rules Match for the RWA Extreme Championship
11 Superman defeated Superman-Prime Las Vegas Street Fight
12 Deathstroke defeated Nightwing T-Bones Rules Match
13 Alex Star defeated Luke Skywalker Tap Out or Knock Out Match
14 The Hooded Man defeated The Joker No Disqualification Match
  • 3 - The Butcher made his RWA debut and stare down Brock Lesnar. Then both men start tearing each other apart, Butcher hit Lesnar with a steel chair and made Lesnar busted open. Butcher was going for a tombstone but Lesnar escape.
  • 6 - Jackpot attack Gohan from behind before the match. After the match, Danny told the crowd that he is he best there is, the true CAW savior and there is no one, no one can stop him. Then out of nowhere, Oshujax made a huge surprise appearance wearing a RWA t-shirt and Danny looks like he seen a ghost. Oshujax grab him and hits the Wasteland on him.
  • 7 - Bart Simpson interfered and connect with the Bart KO on TGO.
  • 8 - Dark Phoenix attack and laid out Black Canary.
  • 9 - Harley Quinn cashed in her MITB shot.
  • 13 - Alex celebrates in the ring as the crowd chants his name proudly. Anakin enters the ring and bowed down to the Supernova King. Alex then bow down to Anakin and he exits the ring as the crowd chants "Thank you, Alex" loud. Alex stops in the middle of the entrance ramp, he turns around and then taunts to the crowd as he hold back his tears. Alex taunts to the crowd one more time as he go to the back as the crowd still chanting Thank you, Alex.
  • 14 - The hooded man was revealed as Kyle4000. Throughout the match, Kyle take out the Arkham City Criminals single-handily.

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • All matches were determined by the RWA Roulette by RWA Commissioner Shane McMahon.
  • It was the last event of Alex Star's RWA career.