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Spring Breakdown[]

Spring Breakdown
Promotion Rage Wrestling Association
Brand(s) RWA Rampage and Shockwave
Date March 6, 2011
Venue Pepsi Center
City Denver, CO
Theme song "Runaway" by Hail the Villain
Last Event RWA Fan Interaction
Next Event RWA Total Lockdown

RWA Championship: The Joker (c) vs. Nightwing

Legend vs. Legend: Batman vs. Bruce Lee

The Rock vs. Spider-Man

RWA Internet Championship: Red Hood (c) vs. Zach Starr

First Blood Match: Marcus Fenix vs. M. Shadows

Steel Cage Match: The Madz vs. "The Dark Savior" Alex Superstar - If Alex wins, he is on the RWA and if Madz loses, Madz is fired.

Hardcore Match: Johnny Cage vs. Vega

Grudge Match: Red Zeo Ranger vs. Lance Burton

RWA Women's Championship: Cammy (c) vs. Starfire

RWA Tag Team Championships: Bane and Juggernaut (c) vs. Ryu and Ken Masters

Rampage vs. Shockwave Match: Spawn (Rampage) vs. The Punisher (Shockwave)

Dark Link vs. Green Lantern

Number 1 Contender's Match for the RWA Championship: Deathstroke vs. Hancock


# Results Stipulations
Preshow Mr. Clean defeated Bill w/Ted Singles Match
1 Alex Superstar defeated the Madz Steel Cage Match - Alex wins, he is now a member of the RWA and Madz loses, he is fired from RWA.
2 Christie Monteiro defeated Cammy (c) Singles Match for the RWA Women's Championship
3 Marcus Fenix defeated M. Shadows First Blood Match
4 Spawn vs. The Punisher ended in no contest Rampage vs. Shockwave Match
5 Bane and Juggernaut (c) defeated Street Fighters Tag Team Match for the RWA Tag Team Championships
6 Lance Burton defeated Red Zeo Ranger Grudge Match
7 Bruce Lee defeated Batman Legend vs. Legend
8 Deathstroke vs. Hancock No. 1 Contender's Match for the RWA Championship
9 Johnny Cage defeated Vega Hardcore Match
10 Zach Starr defeated Red Hood (c) Singles Match for the RWA Internet Championship
11 The Joker (c) defeated Nightwing Singles Match for the RWA Championship
12 Spider-Man defeated The Rock Singles Match
  • 2 - Christie Monteiro replace Starfire after Starfire was laid out by unknown circumstances.
  • 4 - Lex Luthor distracted the referee while Ironman and Anti-Venom attack Spawn. The Punisher helped Spawn and took down both members. In the final moments of the match, Marcus Fenix came to the ring and gives Spawn the Hammer of Dawn. And then he rips off his shirt and reveals an Experiment shirt to the entire crowd.
  • 5 - Gambit and Beast attack both Bane and Juggernaut and Gambit told them that they are going to take the tag titles from them at Total Lockdown.
  • 8 - The match didn't happen due to ECDL's The Terminator and War Machine attack Hancock. Ash Williams and Michael Myers came out to help Hancock. Then CAWTION's Chuck Greene, Ezio and Cloud Strife attack all five men. After that, the lights went out and all the superstars are gone except War Machine. Dark Link appears in the ring and gives War Machine a Dark ZDT. Finally, Dark Link issue a challenge to anyone from CAWTION and ECDL to face him at World Collision. Due to the match did not happen, both Hancock and Deathstroke will get the RWA Title shot.
  • 12 - Spider-Man was beating up the Rock after the match. He was gonna hit a con-chair-to on Rock but Homer Simpson came out and nail the Simpson Stunner on him. Rock got up, grabs him and hits the Rock Bottom. Homer grabs Spider-Man and throws him out as he and Rocky stand tall.

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • Lex Luthor and Spawn have a argument of which faction is the most dominating faction in RWA.
  • The Dark Link vs. Green Lantern didn't happen at all due to Dark Link's little stunt.