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RWX or Rush Wrestling X is an e-Fed currently run by e-Fed Forumzone user Mike Cross and is apart of The Crossverse. RWX started in May of 2014.

Shows and Format[edit | edit source]

RWX has one show titled RWX. It features a men's and women's roster, the women's roster being called the Bitches Division.

RWX has no set schedule as to when shows are posted. New shows are posted whenever they are ready. Gaps between shows have been as little as one day in some cases

Men's Roster[edit | edit source]

Name Finishers Championships/Accomplishments Notes
AKI Man AKI Splash
Cade Wilson 4th Wall (Super Kick) 1x RWX Champion
Erik Hex

Hex Bomb

1x RWX Champion (current)
Jake Hayden Jake-Go-Round (Playmaker)
The Judge The Verdict (The Pedigree)
Katsuo Bitoru Thorax DDT
Nero King Cobra (Cut Throat Neckbreaker)
Shadow Hawk Knightfall (Swinging Fisherman's Neckbreaker)

Bitches Division[edit | edit source]

Name Finisher Championships/Accomplishments Notes
Amanda Adams FTW: Fuck the World (Attitude Adjustment)
Eve Torres Booty Pop (Standing Moonsault)
Harley Holt Biker Bomb (Swanton Bomb)
Kim Kanyon-Kanyon Butterfly Krusher (Butterfly Suplex)
Lacey Von Erich Von Erich Claw
Maria Kanellis
Nicole Hilton Heartbreaker (Diving Elbow Drop)
Scarlett Bordeaux Based 10 (Eat Defeat)
Tania Scott BGA: Bitch Girl Annihilator (Shell Shocked) 1x RWX Bitches Champion (current)

Current Champions[edit | edit source]

RWX Championship - Erik Hex

RWX Bitches Championship - Tania Scott

RWX Central States Championship - Shadow Hawk

RWX Wired Championship - Jake Hayden

List of Mega Events[edit | edit source]

Ground Zero

Limit Break


Name Role
Blue Demon Jr Commentator of RWX
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