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Promotion {{{promotion}}}
Brand(s) {{{brand}}}
Date {{{date}}}
Venue {{{venue}}}
City {{{city}}}
Theme song {{{themesong}}}
Last Event {{{lastevent}}}
Next Event {{{nextevent}}}


This template produces a standardized box which concisely presents the main statistics info about a professional wrestling event without interfering with the article flow. Its only mandatory parameters are promotion, date, venue, and city.

Suggested usage

An easy and error-proof way to use the template is to copy the code below to the top of the article source text, then add the relevant parameter values.

Empty syntax

provided for copy-and-paste usage

{{Wrestling event
|name = 
|image = 
|image_width = 
|theme =
|tagline =
|promotion = 
|brand = 
|date = 
|venue = 
|city = 
|last event = 
|next event = 

Description of fields

  • name. The name of the event held (preferably without the promotion's initials).
  • image. The image filename —do not add modifiers, such as thumb or size specifications, such as 150px.
  • theme. Is the music provided for the event.
  • tagline. Is the motto for this event.
  • promotion. The name of the professional wrestling promotion holding this event.
  • brand. For E-Fed related events, the brand(s) holding this event (XWE Thunder, RWA Rampage and ECDL Combat).
  • date. Date of the event.
  • venue. The venue(s) of where the event is held
  • city. The location of the venue.
  • themesong. The theme song of the pay-per-view event.
  • lastevent. The previous pay-per-view event, if the show is a pay-per-view.
  • nextevent. The next pay-per-view event, if the show is a pay-per-view.