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Ultimate E-Fed Wrestling is an e-fed created by Forumzone user Jamo that appears on the E-Fed forums. UEW is a completely revamped version of Jamo's former league WCCW. There is two shows a week of UEW, Adrenaline and Aftershock.

How UEW got it's start:[]

Jamo was inspired to do his own e-fed after reading UCA and FZW. He originally wanted to do a CAW federation but changed to e-fed format and stayed with it. He originally started WCCW but got bored writing it out, he even co-wrote New-TNA for awhile writing Xplosion. Since he failed to restart WCCW twice he decided to completely revamp it and that is how UEW came along.


Name: Finishers: Championship History: Notes:
Albert Wesker Fallen God Slam, Lost in Nightmares 1x Interactive Champion
Andy Lee Andy-canrana
Arsenal Archers Paradox, Longbow
Ben Tennyson Omnitrix, DX Mark 10
Bluntman Blunt Elbow Drop, The Joint 1x UEW Tag Team Champion (w/ Chronic) (current)
Castiel Angel's Wings
Chrom Mark of Exalt 1x Interactive Champion
Chronic Chronic Cutter, Snoogins 1x UEW Tag Team Champion (w/ Bluntman) (current)
Cole McGrath The Ray Sphere 2x UEW Champion (current)
Daffyd Thomas The Only Gay
Dick Tracy Hammer of Justice, Figure 4 Leg Lock
Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street
Gene Simmons Love Gun
Ghostface Taunting Call, Final Stab
Hamish Blake Blake Kick
The Hulk The Gamma Ray, Big Green Buster 1x Tag Team Champion (w/ Thor) First Tag Team Champion
Jack Conrad Condemened 1x Interactive Champion First Interactive Champion
Jason Statham Pedigree
Mr. Freeze Freeze Over
Riddick Pitch Black
Shrek Swamp Drop
Sora Keyblade, Dream Drop Distance
Spider-Man Five Star Spider Splash
Squall Leonhart Gunblade
Steve Stifler Stifmeister Driver, Stifler Screwdriver
Sylvester Stallone WMD Punch
Tarzan Call of the Wild
Thor Thunder Driver, Son of Odin 1x Tag Team Champion (w/ The Hulk) First Tag Team Champion
Zod Kneel Before Zod, Kryptonian Leg Drop 1x UEW Champion First UEW Champion


Name: Finishers: Championship History: Notes:
Alexis Texas Asstastic, Creampie
Black Cat Black Out
Jenna Haze Haze Daze
Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games, District 12 1x Vixens Champion First Vixens Champion
Maria Hill SHIELD-sault
Paris Hilton Hilton Lock
Shyla Stylez Stylez Smash
Sidney Prescott Woodsboro Kick
Supergirl S5, Kryptonian Death Lock
Tori Black Cream Dream, Pretty Filthy 1x Vixens Champion (current)

Tag Teams:[]

Name: Members: Tag Finisher: Championship History: Notes:
Bluntman & Chronic



Blunt Chronic Cutter (3D) 1x Tag Team Champions
Hamish & Andy

Hamish Blake

Andy Lee

Golden Duo (Spin Cycle)
The Avengers


The Hulk

Avengers Assembled (Aided Powerbomb) 1x Tag Team Champions First Tag Team Champions
The Expendables

Sylverster Stallone

Jason Statham

High-Low (Lariat/Chop Block)

Other On-Air Talent:[]

Authority Figures:[]

Name: Position: Held from:
Johnny Friendly UEW Chairman 11/16/12


Name: Position:
John 'Bradshaw' Layfield Color Commentator for Adrenaline and Aftershock
Russell Hantz Play-By-Play Commentator for Adrenaline and Aftershock


Name: Interviews-Superstars/Vixen:
Rove McManus Vixens
Sue Sylvester Superstars

Ring Announcer:[]

Name: Shows:
Howard Finkel Weekly Shows/RPVs


Name: Current Champion: Date Won: Reign:
UEW Championship Cole McGrath 01/16/14 2
UEW Interactive Championship Chrom 01/16/14 1
UEW Vixens Championship Tori Black 01/16/14 1
UEW Tag Team Championships Bluntman & Chronic 01/16/14 1

Mega Events[]


Christmas Chaos

New Year's Revenge

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

March Madnes

Spring Turmoil

Ultimate Revelation

Day of Reckoning

Golden Opportunity


Royal Jackpot

Pick Your Poison