E-fed Wiki
Promotion UEW
Brand(s) Fight Night
Date November 28-30, 2012
Venue First Niagara Center
City Buffalo, NY
Theme song Ready To Roll by Jet Black Stare
Last Event First
Next Event Christmas Chaos

Slammiversary is the first Mega Event by Ultimate E-Fed Wrestling. It is considered as the WrestleMania of UEW. The official theme song of the event is Ready To Roll by Jet Black Stare

The Card:[]

Tag Team Match - Winners get a contract:

The Expendables (Sylvester Stallone & Jason Statham) vs The Manning Brothers (Peyton & Eli Manning)

Singles Match:

Cole McGrath vs. Voldemort

Interactive Championship Match - Xscape Match:

Roxas vs. Jack Conrad vs. Johnny Bravo vs. Mickey Mouse

Semi-Final #1 of the UEW Championship Tournament:

Sora vs Ghostface

Championship Scramble for the vacant Vixens Championship:

Supergirl vs. Katniss Everdeen vs. Sabrina Spellman vs. Tori Black vs. Carly Shay

Singles Match:

Albert Wesker vs. Dante

Semi-Final #2 of the UEW Championship Tournament:

Dick Tracy vs. Zod

Grudge Match:

Johnny 3 Tears vs. Ben Tennyson

Hardcore Match:

Spider-Man 2099 vs. Tarzan

Finals of the UEW Championship Tournament:

Sora/Ghostface vs. Dick Tracy/Zod


# Results Stipulations
Preshow The Manning Brothers (Peyton Manning & Eli Manning) vs. The Expendables (Sylvester Stallone & Jason Statham) ended in a no contest Tag Team Match - Winning Team gets a UEW Contract
1 Voldemort def. Cole McGrath Singles Match
2 Jack Conrad def. Roxas, Johnny Bravo & Mickey Mouse Xscape Match to crown the first Interactive Champion
3 Spider-Man 2099 def. Tarzan Harcore Match
4 Sora def. Ghostface Semi-Final of the UEW Championship Tournament
5 The Walking Dead (Rick Grimes & Shane Walsh) def. Bluntman & Chronic Tag Team Match - If The Walking Dead won they'd recieve UEW Contracts
6 The Avengers (Thor & The Hulk) def. Duke Nukem & Altaïr Ibn-La Ahad Tag Team Match
7 Zod def. Dick Tracy Semi-Final of the UEW Championship Tournament
8 Johnny 3 Tears def. Ben Tennyson Singles Match
9 Katniss Everdeen def. Supergirl, Sabrina Spellman, Tori Black & Carly Shay 20 Minute Championship Scramble to crown the first Vixens Champion
10 Albert Wesker def. Dante Singles Match
11 Zod def. Sora Finals of the UEW Championship Tournament
  • Preshow - The match ended in no contest due to two masked men interfered and hit Peyton Manning & Sylvester Stallone with DDTs. Statham and Eli attempt to attack but the masked men turn around and hit a double clothesline on them and the masked men revealed as CWF's The Walking Dead (Rick Grimes & Shane Walsh).
  • 2 - Mickey Mouse was eliminated first by Johnny Bravo, Roxas was eliminated second by Conrad
  • 3 - During the match Red Robin made a surprise appearance and attacked Tarzan and hit him with a Seeing Red (Snap DDT)
  • 3 - After the match Spider-Man 2099 and Red Robin double teamed Tarzan until Riddick made the save
  • 4 - During the match Roxas interfered in the match and hit Ghostface with a Number XIII (Sliced Bread #2) when Sora was being counted out
  • 5 - The match was made by the Anonymous Chairman
  • 6 - This was meant to be Dick Tracy vs. Zod but Nukem & Altaïr came out furious they weren't on the show and threw out an open challenge for any CAW or E-Fed tag team
  • 7 - Sora was at the commentary table to scout his opponent
  • 9 - Falls of the Scramble: Supergirl def. Carly Shay at 16:58 after a S5, Carly Shay def. Sabrina at 12:01 after an iCarly Splash, Tori Black def. Supergirl at 5:04 after a Cream Dream, Supergirl def. Tori Black at 4:10 after submitting to the Kryptonian Death Lock, Tori Black def. Carly Shay at 2:19 after a Pretty Filthy & Katniss Everdeen def. Sabrina at :19 after submitting to District 12