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Undisputed RWA Championship
An image of the Undisputed RWA Championship.
Marcus Fenix
Promotion Rage Wrestling Association
Date introduced February 11, 2012
Date retired December 23, 2012

Marcus Fenix - The final Undisputed RWA Champion in RWA history

The Undisputed RWA Championship was the top title in the Rage Wrestling Association fantasy wrestling promotion. The first champion was determined in a tournament format. Spawn defeated Spiderman, Edward Elric, and Cyclops in the finals of the tournament to become the first champion on February 11, 2012 at Fan Interaction 2K12 in a TLC Match. The last champion was Marcus Fenix, who defeated Bart Simpson and Red Hood in 3 Way Barb Wired Brawl on November 29, 2012 at Cybermania 3. The title was retired on December 23, 2012.

Being a professional wresting championship, it is not win via direction competition; it is instead won by via a predetermined ending to a match or awarded to a wrestler because of a wrestling angle. This have been 9 reigns by 9 wrestlers with no vacancies.

Title History[]

Wrestler: Time: Date: Notes:
Spawn 1 February 11, 2012 Spawn won the title in a Fatal Four Way TLC Match by defeating Spiderman, Edward Elric, and Cyclops to become the first champion.
Spider-Man 1 March 17, 2012
Blue Beetle 1 March 17, 2012 Blue Beetle won the title by cashing in his MITB briefcase.
Chris Redfield 1 May 1, 2012 Chris Redfield won the title after Bart Simpson interfered in the match.
Zach Starr 1 May 24, 2012 Starr won the title due to Redfield's challenge to anyone in the back to face him because his original opponent, Green Lantern was lay out by FCCW superstars in the back.
Superman Prime 1 June 17, 2012 Superman Prime won the title in a 3 Way Falls Count Anywhere Match by pinning Zach Starr. Shadow the Hedgehog was also in the match.
Batman 1 August 17, 2012 Batman won the title in a Arkham Asylum Match.
Bart Simpson 1 October 5, 2012 Simpson won the title in a No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match by pinning Batman. Superman Prime was also in the match.
Marcus Fenix 1 November 29, 2012 Fenix won the title in a 3 Way Barb Wired Brawl by pinning Bart Simpson. Red Hood was also in the match.

List of individual reigns[]

As of November 30, 2012

Wrestler Days Held Date Won Date Lost
Superman Prime 61 June 17, 2012 August 17, 2012
Bart Simpson 55 October 5, 2012 November 29, 2012
Batman 49 August 17, 2012 October 5, 2012
Blue Beetle 45 March 17, 2012 May 1, 2012
Spawn 35 February 11, 2012 March 17, 2012
Zach Starr 24 May 24, 2012 June 17, 2012
Marcus Fenix 24 November 29, 2012 December 23, 2012
Chris Redfield 23 May 1, 2012 May 24, 2012
Spider-Man <1 March 17, 2012 March 17, 2012