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Promotion World Championship League
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Date June 25, 2012
Venue A&T Centre
City San Antonio, TX
Theme song "My Way" by Limp Bizkit
Last Event First
Next Event WCL Summer Blast

Submission/Knockout Match for the WCL Championship: Randy "The Natural" Couture (c) V "The Apex Predator" Andrew Detmer

Fatal Four Way Match for the vacant WCL Regional Championship: El Fuerte vs. "The Black Machismo" Jay Lethal vs. Alonzo Harris vs. Dwight Schrute

WCL Tag Team Championship: Final Fight (Guy & Mike "Macho" Haggar) (c) vs. Reservoir Dogs (Mr. White & Mr. Orange)

WCL Starlets Championship, if Katniss wins she gets $50,000 of Bar Refaeli's money: Katniss Everdeen (c) vs. Bar Refaeli

Animation Domination (Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin) vs. Regular Tag Team (Mordecai & Rigby)

Alan Wake vs. Johnny Gat

Vergil makes his WCL debut


# Results Stipulations
1 Alan Wake V Johnny Gat ended in a Double Count Out Singles Match
2 Animation Domination (Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin) def. Regular Tag Team (Mordecai & Rigby) Tag Team Match
3 Katniss Everdeen (c) def. Bar Refaeli Singles Match for the WCL Starlets Championship; Katniss wins, she gets $50,000 of Refaeli's money
4 Final Fight (Guy & Mike "Macho" Haggar) (c) def. The Reservoir Dogs (Mr. White & Mr. Orange) Falls Count Anywhere for the WCL Tag Team Championship
5 Dwight Schrute def. El Fuerte, "The Black Machismo" Jay Lethal, and Alonzo Harris Fatal Four Way Match for the WCL Regional Championship
6 Vergil def. Jamie Noble Singles Match
7 Randy "The Natural" Couture (c) def. "The Apex Predator" Andrew Detmer Submission/Knockout Match for the WCL Championship
  • 1 - The match ended in a double count out as both men were fighting outside and onto the ramp as the ref made the 10 count. Security had to be called to separate them before the fight escalated to the backstage area.
  • 3 - Katniss after the match takes both the briefcase and the Starlets title and then goes up to the ramp. She puts the title on her shoulder as she opens up the briefcase to show the wads of money. She then started taking them out and throwing them into the audience. Bar seeing this in the ring once she gets up starts screaming and throwing a tantrum.
  • 4 - Before the match started, the match was changed into a Falls Count Anywhere Match. After the match, Cody comes down to the ring with an arm cast and celebrates with Mike and Guy who gives him his title belt. Leebo4 announced that Cody will be medically cleared to fight on the next edition of broadcast.
  • 5 - In the final moments of the match, Jay Lethal was knocked out on the outside of the ring and El Fuerte just hit the Mexican Buffet onto Alonzo Harris but before he can go for the win, Dwight from behind rolls him up for the 3 count. Leebo4 remarks after the match, Dwight was probably the underdog and the least likely to win.
  • 7 - Andrew started using his powers in the middle of the match. Andrew soon exhausted himself and had to start fighting without his powers. Randy was able to overpower Andrew and after a powerbomb, he put Andrew in an arm triangle choke and then let go after 2 minutes, the ref checked Andrew and called for the bell making Randy the winner by knock out. Randy celebrates by holding the belt up high to the cheering crowd as Andrew was called away on a stretcher by WCL officials as the show went off the air.

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • Katniss Everdeen was seen walking backstage when she was jumped by Nina Williams. Nina picks her up for the Death by Degrees. Nina picks up the Starlets title belt and holds it up high before throwing it down.