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High Stakes
Promotion Wrestling Championship League
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Date May 15, 2013
City Arlen, Texas
Theme song "Break Like The Wind" by Spinal Tap
Last Event WCL Death Warrant
Next Event WCL Eternal Conflict

Title vs. Title: WCL Champion Jay Lethal vs. Global Champion Cloud Strife

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Peter Griffin vs. Ernie the Chicken

WCL Regional Championship: Katniss Everdeen vs. Tony Montana

WCL Tag Team Titles: The Expendables (c) vs. Walter & Peanut; The person who gets pinned will be fired from WCL

Green Goblin vs. Aquaman

10 Starlet Battle Royal; Winner gets a Starlet title shot later on the event

Mordecai vs. Johnny Gat


# Results Stipulations
1 "Shadowcat" Kitty Pryde is the winner 10 Starlet Battle Royal
2 "Shadowcat" Kitty Pryde def. Claire Redfied (c) Singles Match for the WCL Starlets Championship
3 Peter Griffin def. Ernie the Giant Chicken Falls Count Anywhere Match
4 Mordecai def. Johnny Gat Singles Match
  • 1 - The second part of the royal was a street fight. After the match, Pryde was not waiting for her shot and asking Claire Redfield to come out right now. Claire did came out and the Starlets title match began. The other participants were Gilda the Griffon, “The Cosplay Queen” Jessica Nigirl, Bar Refaeli (making a special one night return), Jade, Princess Jasmine, Taokaka, Teddy Duncan, Lara Croft (Special guest) and Daphne Blake (special guest).
  • 2 - After the match, Claire and Kitty shake hands and hug.
  • 3 - After the match, Homer Simpson and Jim Cornette came down to celebrate with Peter.
  • 4 - During the commentary, Leebo4 mentioned that this match was supposed to be on the preshow before this Mega Event’s preshow was cancelled. After the match, Mordecai leaves and Johnny Gat gets a mic. Gat yelled that he should be on top of the WCL world and not losing match left and right. He demand....but before he continued, a promo was aired and the promo show "High Stakes The time is now Did you crack the code? Did you? Let me spell it out for you: Gremlin Orange Kong Underworld G O K U GOKU The promo ended and Goku came out to the ring to a massive standing ovation from the crowd. He comes down to the ring and hits the Dragonball DDT (Dragon DDT) on Johnny Gat. He then stands and lets the fans cheer him on.

Miscellanous Facts[]

  • A limo appears in the parking lot with the door reading “Did you crack the code?” the door opens but the camera fades away before the person inside could be seen.
  • During an interview with Stephen Colbert