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Promotion Wrestling Championship League
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Date January 8, 2013
Venue TD Center
City Boston, MA
Theme song "My Way" by Frank Sinatra
Last Event WCL King of the Mountain
Next Event WCL Death Warrant

WCL Championship: Vergil (c) vs. Jay Lethal

WCL Regional Championship: Tony Montana (c) vs. Mordecai

Handicap Match for the WCL Tag Team Championship: The Expendables (c) vs. The Death Eaters

WCL Global Championship: Judge Dredd (c) vs. Cloud Strife

WCL Starlets Championship: Taokaka (c) vs. Claire Redfield

Street Fight: Johnny Gat vs. Captain Falcon

The Green Goblin w/Justin Hammer vs. Rick Taylor

WCL General Manager Edge to make an announcement concerning Death Warrant

Pre-Show Match - 6 Person Battle Royal: Rigby vs. Alan Wake vs. Admiral General Aladeen vs. Paul “Wrecking” Crewe vs. David “A-List” Otunga vs. Kefka Palazzo


# Results Stipulations
PS Alan Wake def. Admiral General Aladeen, David Otunga, Paul Crewe, Rigby, and Kefka Palazzo Six Person Battle Royal
1 Johnny Gat def. Captain Falcon Street Fight
2 Cloud Strife def. Judge Dredd (c) Singles Match for the WCL Global Championship
3 The Expendables (Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, & Randy Couture) (c) def. The Death Eaters (Lucius Malfoy & Severus Snape) Handicap Match for the WCL Tag Team Championship
4 Taokaka (c) def. Claire Redfield Singles Match for the WCL Starlets Championship
5 Tony Montana (c) def. Mordecai Singles Match for the WCL Regional Championship
6 Rick Taylor def. The Green Goblin w/Justin Hammer by DQ Singles Match
7 Jay Lethal def. Vergil (c) Singles Match for the WCL Championship
  • 2 - During the match, the referee was knocked out and Captain Falcon managed to come down to the ring. He went for the Falcon Kick onto Cloud but he dodged and hit Dredd himself. Cloud then tossed Falcon out of the ring and then picked up Dredd for the AVALANCHE Slam and then pin him for the win! After the match, Tifa Lockhart comes down to the ring and kisses Cloud on the lips as they celebrate. Backstage, Cross was looking at this on a monitor with fury on his face.
  • 5 - During the match, Mordecai had pinned Tony after the Mordecai express but Rigby came down and pulled the referee out of the ring before he could give a 1 count. Rigby then went backstage as the referee got back into the ring and Tony kicked out before the referee could start the count. After the match, Mordecai furiously screams out “RIGBY!”
  • 6 - The match ended by disqualification after the Goblin hit Rick with the steel steps after the 5th Goblin Slam of the match. After the match, Justin raises the Goblin’s arm as the crowd boos enormously.
  • 7 - In the final moments of the match, Lethal managed to get out of Vergil’s attempt of a 3rd Dimension Slash and hit him with the 2nd Lethal Consequences of the match followed by a Double Elbow Drop and the pin to win. After the match, Lethal lifts the title up in the air with both of his hands as the crowd are chanting “OH YEAH!!!” as the show comes to a close.

Miscellaneous Facts[]

  • It was announced that Mike Cross was banned from ringside for both of Justice’s matches.
  • During an interview with David Letterman, Katniss Everdeen told him that she is interested in competing for the males division and it is her hope of one day becoming the 1st female WCL Champion. Then she leaves as Letterman looked shocked of Everdeen's shocking announcement.
  • A promo is shown of Princess Jasmine returning on the next episode of Broadcast.
  • Edge announce the WCL Fans that his announcement that at Death Warrent, there will be one or two special fans choice matches. Basically the fans will select matches they want on the card and the WCL officials will pick ones to be on the card.
  • Moredcai was chasing Rigby down furiously backstage after what happened during the Regional Championship match.