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Xtreme Nonstop Wrestling is an Facebook e-Fed that was created on September 22nd, 2019, it was created by Evan E. Dangerously XNW will make it's debut this September 29, 2019 with it's CPV "Hardcore Heaven".


Name Finisher(s) Notes Championship History
Alex Elliot N/A
Beastmare N/A
Big Dick Dudley N/A
Borgen N/A
Chris E. N/A
Charismatic One N/A
Corbin Cross N/A
Crash N/A
Dumfery Pinn N/A
Eazy E N/A
Eddie Guerrero N/A

Championships and Champions[]

  • XNW World Heavyweight Champion - N/A
  • XNW World Television Champion - N/A
  • XNW World Tag Team Champions - N/A