XWE is an e-fed that is run by e-fed forumzone user WildcatV1. XWE made its debut on the SCAW Forum Zone and then made it's move to the e-fed forums zones. XWE ended back in 2012, but then in 2014 it was announced to be getting a relaunch with a new roster.

The first Champion

XWE held an eight man tournament to crown the first World Champion. The tournament was won by Sothe who beat Zelgius in the Main Event at Day of Reckoning.

Roster and Current Champions

Name Finishers Championships/Accomplishments
Alex Mason Flashbang 1x XWE Heavyweight Champion 
Booker Dewitt

Skyhook (Cesaro Uppercut) 

Devil's Kiss (Devil Lock DDT)


Air Koopa (Frog Splash)


Captain Falcon

Falcon Kick (Round House Kick) 

Falcon Arrow

Chrom Mark of the Exalt (Tiger Driver)
Cutman Cutter
Dark Pit

Electroshock (Clothesline From Hell)

Silver Bow and Arrow lock

Ganondorf Gerudo Valley Driver (Tombstone Piledriver)
Greninja Dark Pulse (Corckscrew splash)
Green Ranger Green Dragon Bomb (Tiger Bomb)
Johnny Cage Shadow Kick (Superkick) 1x XWE World Champion


Starburst Stream (Starship Pain)


ZDT (Brainbuster)

Hookshock (Rolling Elbow Splash)

Little Mac Star Punch

Aura Sphere (Burning Hammer)

Aura Lock (Kimura Lock)

1x XWE World Champion

Shroom Kick (Brouge Kick)

Warpzone Walls (Walls of Jericho)


Super Mario Stunner

Shroomsault (Lionsault)

Megaman Megabuster (Fisherman Suplex)

1x XWE Tag Team Champion (w/ Protoman) 

1x XWE All Star Champion

Master Chief Plasmaknife (Jacknife Powerbomb)

Blade Kick (Trouble in Paradise)

Blade Drop( Big Ending)

Mr. Game and Watch Flatline (Paydirt)
Pangoro Vital Throw (Red Alert)
Protoman Protobomb (Spinout Powerbomb) 1x XWE Tag Team Champion (W/ Megaman)
Razer Razer's Edge
Robin Ignis (Sister Abigail)
Shulk Monado Buster (Paroxsysm)


Implaer DDT

Scout Force of Nature (Judgement Slam)

Dream Drop Distance (Shooting Star Press)

Flowmotion (C4)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Boom (Styles Clash)

Super Sonic Splash (Superfly Splash)


1x XWE All Star Champion
Spy  Backstab (Backstabber)

Below Zero (Pedigree)

Freeze Over (Figure 4 Leglock)

Zen Aku Crescent Wave (Black Hole Slam)

Name Role Accomplishments
Mr. Monopoly General Manager
ROB 64 Announcer
Ryan Knight Commentator

1x FZW Riot Champion

1x NXT-X Hardcore Champion

2x CXWI World Champion

2x CXWI Arcade Champion

2014 CXWI Slammy Award winner Best Tag Team (w/ Randy Lee) 


XWE World Championship - Vacant

XWE Ironman Chamipionship- 

XWE Tag Team Championships - Vacant

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