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XWE Aftershock was XWE's second Mega Event. The event featured 3 Money in the Bank matches, 2 World Title matches, and many other matches.

Match Card[]

Tag Team Ultimate X Money in the Bank Match

Team Starfox vs The Warios vs The Cooper Gang vs Mortal Kombat

Team Starfox defeated The Warios, The Cooper Gang, & Mortal Kombat and wins the Tag Team MITB Briefcase.

Master Chief vs Harry Rupra

Harry Rupra defeated Master Chief

Protoman vs Bass

Bass defeated Protoman

XWE Tag Team Championships

The Dawn Brigade (Edward & Leonardo) (c) vs. Task Force 141 (Captain Price & Captain "Soap" McTavish)

The Dawn Brigade defeated Task Force 141 and retain the XWE Tag Team Championships

All Star Ultimate X Money in the Bank Match

Sagat vs Spiderman vs Sora vs Ratchet vs Noble 6 vs Naruto

Noble 6 defeated Sagat, Spiderman, Sora, Ratchet, & Naruto and wins the All Star MITB Briefcase.

Tag Team Match

nWo (Link & Luigi) vs The Alliance (Wolf & Shadow)

The Alliance (Wolf & Shadow) defeated nWo (Link & Luigi)

World Title Ultimate X Money in the Bank Match

Randy Lee vs Mario vs Riku vs Chaos vs Jason vs Luke Skywalker

Chaos defeated Randy Lee, Mario, Riku, Jason & Luke Skywalker and win the World Title MITB Briefcase.

XWE All Star Championship

Rawk Hawk (c) vs Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse defeated Rawk Hawk and won the XWE All Star Championship

T-Bone Rules Match

Batman vs Superman

Superman defeated Batman by KO

XWE Heavyweight Championship

Alex Mason (c) vs Starkiller

Alex Mason defeated Starkiller and retained the XWE Heavyweight Championship

Triple Threat Match for the XWE World Championship - Special Ref: XWE Thunder GM Kyle4000

Sothe (c) vs Johnny Cage vs Ganondorf

Sothe defeated Johnny Cage & Ganondorf and retained the XWE World Championship