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XWE Bloody Christmas[]

XWE Bloody Christmas is a special event that each and every title is on the line and all matches are under extreme rules.

Match Card[]

Tables Match Open Challenge for the Adrenaline Championship

Volug defeated Rawk Hawk and retained the Adrenaline Championship

Xtreme Gauntlet Match for the Interactive Title

Shadow won the gauntlet and retained the Interactive Title

Warehouse Match for the XWE Tag Team Championship: Brotherhood (Marth & Starkiller) (c) vs. Rupra Brothers (Harry and JSR)

Marth & Starkiller won and retained the XWE Tag Team Titles

Fatal 4 Way Ladder Match for the XWE All Star Championship: Noble 6 (c) vs. Ganon vs. Megaman vs. Spider

Noble 6 defeated Ganon, Megaman and Spider and retained the XWE All Star Championship

Triple Threat Last Man Standing Match for the XWE Heavyweight Title: Luke Skywalker (c) vs. Mewtwo vs. Murray

Mewtwo defeated Luke Skywalker & Murray and won the XWE Heavyweight Title

Full Metal Mayhem for the XWE World Title: Lucario (c) vs. Scorpion

Lucario defeated Scorpion and retained the XWE World Title