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XWE Day of Reckoning was XWE's first Mega Event. The Event featured the finals of the XWE Cup, and the crowning of the first Champions in XWE.

Match Card

Superman, Batman, and Sora vs Riku and Shadow

Batman was eliminated after tapping out to a double submission hold.

Riku was eliminated after Sora pinned him.

Superman was eliminated by Shadow.

Sora was eliminated by Shadow. Shadow and Riku win.

XWE Tag Team Championship Match

Mortal Kombat (Scorpion vs Sub Zero vs Megaman and Protoman vs Wario Bros vs Dawn Briagde (Leonardo and Edward)

The Wario Bros are eliminated after Leonardo pins Wario.

Megaman and Protoman are eliminated after Scorpion pins Protoman.

Johnny Cage comes in to replace Sub Zero as Mortal Kombat's partner after he is injured.

Dawn Brigade beat Mortal Kombat to become the first ever XWE Tag Team Champions

Alex Mason won a Gauntlet for the Gold Match.

Marth vs Mickey Mouse vs Noble 6

Mickey Mouse won after pinning Noble 6.

TLC match for the XWE All Star Championship

Mario vs Rawk Hawk

Rawk Hawk beat Mario to become the first ever XWE All Star Champion.

Shade vs JSR

Shade beat JSR by way of submission.

Extreme Rules match

Kyle4000 vs Ganon

Ganon beat Kyle

XWE Cup Finals

Sothe vs Black Knight

Sothe beat the Black Knight to become the first ever XWE World Champion.